Shockey Could Be Shown The Door Soon

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IJune 14, 2008

Behavior at Mini Camp Unacceptable

First Jeremy Shockey did something no one expected. He showed up at mini camp. He is still not 100% recovered from the leg injuries that ended his season last November. Very few expected to see him pads, but instead of mending fences he's alienating himself from his teammates, coaches, fans and most importantly Giants GM Jerry Reese.

The Giants' coaching staff expects all players, unless given specific permission, to be present on the playing field. Injured players are still required to participate by sitting on the sidelines and observing.

Shockey knows the rules but has remained inside during drills, drawing the ire of Tom Coughlin and causing others, such as Shaun O'Hara to speak out.

The team was willing to trade Shockey before the draft, but the offers were too low. The Saints were hot for Shockey, but only offered a 2nd round pick for him. Jerry Reese decided that was not enough.

Now, with the draft over and most major free agents signed, there are fewer teams willing to give Reese full value for Shockey in a trade. He is also signed until 2011, drawing an annual cap salary of approximately $5 million per season. Shockey's inability to stay healthy also hamstrings Reese in any trade talks.

The Giants are showing some patience right now, some tolerance for this recent behavior of non-compliance. That will soon run out if it has not already. Coughlin refuses to answer any more questions about Shockey and Reese is about fed up as well, especially after yesterday's shouting match.

Jeremy Shockey has been handled with kid gloves ever since he was drafted. Wellington Mara and Bob Tisch were both very fond of Shockey. Unfortunately for Shockey they are both gone now. Their sons rely more on Reese and Coughlin for guidance, and as stated, Shockey may have caused irreversible damage to his relationship with them.

Shockey's agent, Drew Rosenhaus (be nice, now) was at Giants mini camp on Friday and danced around the Shockey issue. He also represents Plaxico Burress and is hanging around to cash in on his payday, which is very likely to happen.

This act of defiance by Shockey better not be on the advice of Rosenhaus, because if it is that would be a shame. Apparently he didn't watch this team closely enough last season when they flourished in the wake of his client's injury. He must have seen that Shockey's absence lifted a huge weight off Eli Manning's back and paved the way for a new star at tight end - Kevin Boss (pictured). If you haven't been paying attention, Drew, Boss has put on 20 lbs of muscle since the Super Bowl and is now the starting TE for the Giants.

Shokey's behavior is inexplicable. He should have come back to the team more humbled by this experience if anything. But that is not happening and the team, which has lost some key elements from last year's roster, is focusing on moving forward. They do not want to do it without Shockey, but they may not have a choice now.

If Shockey and Rosenhaus are trying to orchestrate a trade to New Orleans, forget it. The Giants may just trade Shockey to the place of their choice, not his, and take his salary and divide it up amongst players who appreciate being New York Giants.



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