Pot Should Be Legalized in Honor of Tim Lincecum

Seattle SportsnetCorrespondent INovember 6, 2009

Tim Lincecum got busted for marijuana possession. Big deal. At least he didn’t hurt anyone. Kill anyone. Cheat the game.

On top of that, the San Francisco Giants ace and Renton, Wash., native wasn’t even under the influence when he was caught.

He just committed a slight faux pas. Had his pipe sitting out during a routine traffic stop. Whoops. We’ve all been there. Not necessarily with marijuana. But other stuff.

Maybe your porn collection was discovered.

Maybe you told a fib to get out of going to the opera, then got found out.

Maybe you cheated your diet, got caught with your pants down, or let slip a four-letter word in front of your mom. We all make mistakes. We’re human.

Fact is, I’m cool with Lincecum smoking a doobie every once in a while. I don’t smoke myself, but I absolutely condone the use of marijuana by others. It doesn’t bother me.

Smoking pot then getting behind the wheel bugs me a little bit. But smoking in and of itself is no big deal. Falls right in line with alcohol consumption and frivolous sex. It fails to register on my moral code.

Think about it. How many potheads do you know that have caused serious problems in our world? You never hear about a pothead committing a heinous act against society.

You don’t see potheads holding up banks, kidnapping children, or murdering anyone. Crackheads, maybe. Needle junkies, maybe. Potheads, no.

Potheads are among the most passive individuals on the face of the earth. All they want to do is eat, sleep, and play XBox. What’s wrong with that?

They aren’t hurting anybody, and if you talk to them you’ll probably have a nice conversation that tunes you into life. Potheads love life. You have to appreciate that.

And who knows. Maybe Lincecum is one of those dudes that becomes a savant when he’s on the hash. Maybe weed is what gives him his remarkable flexibility, his ability to throw a fastball 100 miles per hour, his gift to bedazzle the masses with his wicked curveball.

Hell, we enjoy watching that go down. We love witnessing the marvel of Tim Lincecum’s athletic feats. Why would we want to sideline that gift, if that gift just so happens to be brought on by the use of marijuana?

I say let that gift thrive. Let it be free. Let’s just go ahead and legalize the darn plant— because that’s what it is, a plant, like a freakin' rose or daisy—and get this bad boy over with.

Legalize pot and you cut the arms and legs off of violent, malicious drug cartels that capitalize on the sale of a controlled substance.

Legalize pot and you free up space in our prisons.

Legalize pot and Tim Lincecum is just another guy with a pipe, a dimebag, and a gift that brings smiles to the faces of children and adults alike.

If Tim Lincecum has a need for weed, then I say let that need be freed.

Let’s all say it together now: Let that need be freed.