Fantasy Depth Chart's Week Eight Sits & Starts

FantasyDCCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2009

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Dearness, lets just get to the recap. After posting my second best week of predictions, I posted my second worst.

Leon Washington is not being included since he didn’t play long enough for any true judgement.

The Bengals, Chiefs, Patriots, Steelers, Buccaneers and Redskins are on the bye this week.

The greatest effected position are the QB (Palmer, Brady, Roethlisberger) and WR (OchoCinco, Moss, Welker, Ward, Holmes, Wallace, Bowe, Santana Moss, Antonio Bryant).

Fewer sit and start suggestions this week as my other two real jobs have been time consuming this week.

On to last week's review...

HITs : Addai & Brown (Start – 13th & 32nd—Brown was a good start but got hurt), Mendenall (Sit – 35th), Bradshaw (Sit  - +50th—Losing receptions to Jacobs is really hurting him), Glen Coffee (Sit – +50th—Gore wasn’t great but Coffee is officially useless again), Mike Bell (Sit – 24th—Avg eight points last Sunday just doesn’t cut it)

All my sit QBs (How can I be so right and wrong with QBs?), Mike Wallce (Start – 9th—Too easy), Antonio Bryant (Sit – 18th—I predicted he could have a good enough game if he beat them deep ), Shockey (Start – 4th—Good bye week fill-in for lucky teams), Heath Miller (Sit -11th—Not good enough to warrant the huge start everyone was suggesting)

MISSes : Jonathan Stewart (Start—29th is not going to cut it when healthy), Brandon Jacobs (Sit – 10th—The big man gets a bump with his growing PPR resume), Reggie Bush (Sit – 20th—One freak diving TD away from a correct prediction)

All my start QBs (pathetic calls on my part though I was right about Houston be capable of giving up QB pts), Santana Moss (Sit – 24th—Just barely good enough to get me a miss), Steve Smith (Start – 30th—Eli was pathetic)

Week 1 : 11-5 (68.75%), Week 2 : 15-8 (65.2%), Week 3 : 12-9 (57.1%), Week 4 : 11-6 (64.7%), Week 5 : 16-10 (61.5 %), Week 6 : 13-6 (68.4%), Week 7 : 13-9 (59.1%)

Start :
Matt Forte vs Cleveland Browns—Yes. I’m shocked that I’m having to include a first round pick as a start. But Forte, more than any other player this year, has earned his spot on your fantasy bench.

This week? He’ll show power, agility and speed, but don’t get too excited. Its only going to be against the Browns. Look to trade Forte after this weekend.

LaDainian Tomlinson & Darren Sproles vs Oakland Raider—The rushing/redzone/goal-line woes of the the Chargers are well documented but like Forte, for one week they should be forgotten. It’s lofty but two TDs for LT2 is not out of the question.

Kevin Smith vs St. Louis Rams—The second year RB has a great match-up this weekend. Unless you’re in a deeper league, Smith has likely been a match-up start for most teams. This weekend is a must start for the Lions every down RB.

Sit :
Shonn Greene vs Miami Dolphins—After a huge week, Greene is rightfully one is the biggest waiver wire pickups of the year. However, this week against a very strong Miami run defense, Greene should remain on the sidelines of your fantasy teams. Hard to keep your new toy on the shelf but it could save you some disappointment this week.

DeAngello Williams at Arizona Cardinals—The Cardinals still lead the league in rushing defense even after having a game against the New York Giants. Their defense is playing well above their talent level (sorry Cards fans) but it won’t matter this weekend.

I have already suggested that someone start DWill over Shonn Greene, so keep in mind that Williams shouldn’t go straight to your bench. But he should be near the bottom of your options this weekend.

Joseph Addai vs San Francisco 49ers—Addai is quietly putting up RB1 type numbers (not a real achievement this year), however the one thing the 49ers will not allow is a good game from a RB. Peyton Manning is likely to slice through the 49ers secondary but that should only encourage Addai owners in deep PPR leagues.

Start :
Marc Bulger at Detroit Lions—I am officially crazy.

I’m banking on the Lions being worse than the Rams. Its the battle of the two worst (all Cleveland fans can send me Christmas cards). I predict Bulger will post two TDs but will also likely have one INT.

Jay Cutler vs Cleveland Browns—No one in their right mind is starting Jay Cutler with any sense of security. This week against the Browns, Cutler can be considered a QB1.

The Browns and their 24th ranked pass defense just won’t cut it especially when they are also 28th in time of possession.

Kyle Orton at Baltimore Ravens—Not very often have I suggested starts against the Ravens. But Orton’s style of play should pick a part the Ravens secondary.

I’m a little concerned that Reed might take one to the house on a short slant/curl but in the long run I anticipate Orton have a very good day.

Sit :
Joe Flacco vs Denver Broncos—The Broncos are still one of the better pass defenses in the league.

The Ravens need to start understanding their team’s strengths and weaknesses. Their defense needs more time off than in previous years and the Ravens should display a renewed focus and dedication to the running game to help balance with Flacco.

Either way, Flacco should remain on your bench as a precaution.

Matt Hasselbeck at Dallas Cowboys—This Dallas defense, when it gets pressure, is the second best 3-4 defense in the league (only behind the Steelers). Everything was clicking last week but more than that, more individual players seemed to be making their respective plays.

Unless Seattle can drastically rattle the Cowboys, this one could get ugly quickly.

Start :
Johnny Knox vs Cleveland Browns—I’m anticipating and imagining a Hines Ward type deja vous from the rookie this week. Hester should get primary coverage, allowing Knox to tear open across the middle and behind LBs.

For owners who have been using Knox in kick return leagues, expect little input in that regard.

Tory Holt & Mike Sims-Walker at Tennessee Titans—Don’t expect three and two TD games (ala Randy Moss and Wes Welker) but don’t be shocked to see 50-100 yards and a TD from both of these main Jacksonville WRs.

Eddie Royal at Baltimore Ravens—Not going to brag too much but last time I suggested Royal get your start, he went off against the Patriots. Someone tell Royal I’m pimping him again, I love him going against the sluggish Ravens DBs. I like him even more than Brandon Marshall this week.

Sit :
Mark Clayton vs Denver Broncos—The Broncos are the eigth best passing defense and have still only given up three passing TDs (only the Colts have given up fewer). All of this bodes poorly for the big play WR for Joe Flacco. Hate double dipping on this matchup but the Broncos really have played that good to deserve this recognition.

Michael Crabtree at Indianapolis Colts—Much like Shonn Greene, many new Crabtree owners will be tempted to put Crabtree in their starting lineup. While Crabtree is a safer start than Shonn Greene (simply because the 49ers will be playing catchup), the Colts have only allowed two passing TDs all season.

Hakeem Nicks at Philadelphia Eagles—I’m shocked I even need to say this but Nicks is scoring so regularly, that non-obsessed football fans may be unaware of when his TDs have been occurring. The Raiders, backup Saints and Rodgers-Cromartie can all attest to the TDs he has scored.

Still not dependable but within the top 32 WRs in scoring, Nicks should be benched against the ninth ranked Eagles pass defense but if by chance he scores some freak TD that bounces off a helmet/shoe/ref I will not be shocked at all.

Start :
Jason Witten vs Seattle Seahawks—Don’t look now but in most leagues, Witten is not a Top 10 TE. For those of you still starting based upon his name, keep doing it. For those of you who have been exploring other options, return to your draft pick this weekend. Romo has gone long enough without visiting his TE in the endzone. That will change this weekend.

Sit :
John Carlson at Dallas Cowboys—Hate to pick on the same game, but unless the Seahawks trust their OLine against a regenerated 3-4, Carlson will be kept in to block more than half of the game. Look for Carlson to have fewer than four touches for less than 30 yards (very much like Heath Miller last week).