AFC West: Who Will Come Out on Top?

Brendon TateCorrespondent IJune 7, 2008

The AFC in total is a star-filled tough division for any team to play in. You never know which team will make it to the Super Bowl it could be any team. For now lets focus on the AFC West.

This division I picked for many reasons. Talent, toughness, and rivalry. The AFC West is composed of the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, and the San Diego Chargers.

Now it's been obvious that the Chargers have recently in the past two years taken control of the AFC West and have not been dethroned yet. Will there be a team to do the job and dethrone the Chargers?

I do not think so this year, but I can see the teams that will follow behind the Chargers. I see the Chargers getting a boost from last season and finishing 12-4.

First the Denver Broncos: They had a bad year last year and were predicted to be Super Bowl contenders after acquired all that talent. They can bounce back with Mike Shanahan. This team by far has the best talent out of any other team with a losing record, so the Broncos will be the easiest team to bounce back from there losing record.

Some other reasons why the Broncos will be No. 2 is because Brandon Marshall has emerged as an elite receiver, The Broncos have also acquired some veteran talent at wide receiver in Keary Colbert and Darrell Jackson.

They also drafted the speedy Eddie Royal out of Virginia Tech. Do not forget about Jay Cutler too under their third year QB's in Mike Shanahan's system thrive. So I see the Broncos finishing 10-6.

The second team I see in the AFC West is the Kansas City Chiefs. Many people think that the Oakland Raiders will take this spot, but knowing the Raiders, they will need some more time to be considered even possibly good, although they have talent I think next year they will bump to the No. 3 spot in the AFC West.

The Kansas City Chiefs had an abysmal season, they finished 4-12 and had much inconsistency with there offense, specifically the QB. The QB battle between Brodie Croyle, and Damon Huard.

If they can find a consistent spot at QB then they will do much better. After Dwayne Bowe emerged as a good receiver in Kansas City, and Tony Gonzalez continues to be...well, he continues to be Tony Gonzalez, and there defense plays good then they will improve upon last year.

Do not forget about their rookie pick up's most famous choices being Glenn Dorsey from LSU and Branden Albert from Virginia. Picking up two quality first round draft picks like those are key to rebuilding a franchise. The Chiefs still have a losing record but they finish stronger. I see the Chiefs finishing 7-9.

The last team are the Oakland Raiders. They have added the most talent this offseason, more than any other team by far. The only thing is that some of the talent were overhyped, looked better than they acutely were or are bruised up.

Javon Walker had torn an ACL, had surgery on his knee and never performed the same after the first two games of the 2007 season with the Denver Broncos. Gibril Wilson looked better than he really was behind an amazing New York Giants defense, he's good but not big contract this early good.

Also signing Tommy Kelly to the biggest contract for a defensive lineman when he does not have the talent to be that overpaid is also a reason why I question the Raiders organization. Darren McFadden is good, talented, and fast. There is only one problem: his legs go dead on contact, and he has some character issues and in Oakland that won't help him.

The only safe pick I saw coming out of all this was DeAngelo Hall, who will produce instantly. If all goes well with the talent though, the Raiders will finish behind the Broncos. But if all that talent does not produce, the Raiders will have another abysmal season and finish 6-10. If they produce well they will finish above the Chiefs with a 8-8 record.