MC's NFL Power Rankings After Week Five

Matt CullenAnalyst IOctober 13, 2009

DENVER - OCTOBER 11:  Head coach Josh McDaniels of the Denver Broncos looks on against the New England Patriots during an NFL game at Invesco Field at Mile High on October 11, 2009 in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)


After the flu I am back with updated power rankings after an exciting Week Five in the NFL. I did update the rankings after Week Four but didn't write brief summaries for each team so if you're looking at the previous rankings, they indeed are updated.


The top four teams from last week retained their spots in the rankings. The Denver Broncos jumped from ninth all the way up to fifth. This was enough to tie for having the biggest rise in the rankings along with the Bengals (10th to seventh), the Dolphins (22nd to 19th), and the Browns (32nd to 29th). The Houston Texans dropped the farthest going from 15th to 20th.!




 1. New York Giants- They did exactly what they were supposed to do; run the Raiders off the field quickly. Previous ranking: 1



2. Minnesota Vikings- Congratulations Brett Favre, first win as a 40 year old and a decisive one it was. Tough test next week against the Ravens though. Previous ranking: 2



3. Indianapolis Colts- Five 300 yard passing games for Peyton Manning already, four games with a QB rating over 100, two games with three TD's or more, and one game now with over 80 percent of his passes completed. The world is running out of adjectives to give Peyton Manning justice. Previous ranking: 3



4. New Orleans Saints- The Saints have won their past two games without Drew Brees throwing a TD pass, I'm not so sure they can have a repeat result against the Giants next week. Previous ranking: 4



5. Denver Broncos- On a scale of one to ten (One being hardly laughing, ten being like Brad Pitt when the fat guy is beating him up in Fight Club) how hard are the Denver Broncos laughing at the rest of the nation right now? My guess is about a 14. Previous ranking: 9



6. Philadelphia Eagles- Great return for Donovan McNabb, 16-21 with 264 yards and three TDs. He also did it with virtually no help from the running game. Previous ranking: 6



7. Cincinnati Bengals- Chad Ochocinco predicted the Bengals would go 12-4 this season. I thought the Bengals were better than most others did but even I didn't see that as a possibility. It doesn't seem as crazy now. Previous ranking: 10


8. New York Jets- After being accustomed to seeing the Jets defense pressure the QB and look its best in crunch time, the Miami Dolphins moved the ball up and down the field with ease. Previous ranking: 5



9. New England Patriots- Even though most of the production came in the first half, a solid performance from Tom Brady but unfortunately in a losing effort. I can't blame the Patriots too much though, who could have concentrated with the uniforms the Broncos were wearing? What in the world were those? Previous ranking: 7



10. Atlanta Falcons- Whatever the Falcons ate during the bye week, it worked. Three TDs from Michael Turner and over 200 yards receiving with two TDs from Roddy White. Previous ranking: 11



11. Baltimore Ravens-  Two more INTs to add to Joe Flacco's season total. Perhaps we overreacted to the Ravens vaunted offense. Previous ranking: 8



12. Chicago Bears-  The concerns about Jay Cutler after a putrid Week One performance appear long gone. He and the Chicago Bears have a tough test next week though at Atlanta. Previous ranking: 12



13. Pittsburgh Steelers- Even though it was against the Lions, solid effort from the Steelers picking up their first road win of the season. Previous ranking: 13



14. San Diego Chargers- With the Broncos 5-0, the Chargers can only underachieve early in the season for so long. Next week against Denver would be a good time to put an end to this. Previous ranking: 16



15. Green Bay Packers- We'll see after the bye week if the offensive line looks refreshed, my guess is no. Previous ranking: 17



16. Dallas Cowboys- Coming from a Cowboys fan, that was about as discouraging a win as I've seen from them as they committed 13 penalties (four offsides on a single drive) and giving up the Chiefs first long scoring drive of the game to tie it with less than a minute to go. Dallas would eventually win in O.T. but they can only win so many by only being capable of beating win-less teams. Previous ranking: 18



17. San Francisco 49ers- It was the shocker of the week as far as I'm concerned, 35 point loss at home in a big game. I am not expecting a trend here though. Previous ranking: 14



18. Arizona Cardinals- That game went from a near disastrous loss to a huge win. The defense made some big plays at the end with the pick six from Rodgers-Cromartie to take back the lead and the goal line stand to preserve the lead. Previous ranking: 19


19. Miami Dolphins- It appears that we wrote them off prematurely, the offense hasn't skipped a beat without Chad Pennington. Previous ranking: 22



20. Houston Texans- Give the Texans credit for bouncing back after nearly getting run out of the building on the road. However, that loss will be tough to swallow. Previous ranking: 15



21. Seattle Seahawks- Welcome back Matt Hasselbeck! Four TDs and over 240 passing yards from him as the Seahawks ended their three game losing streak with a 41 point win. The race for first in the NFC West just got much tighter after Week Five. Previous ranking: 23



22. Washington Redskins- The Redskins look doomed to finish last in the NFC East again after handing the Lions their first win in 19 games in Week Three and now the Panthers with their first win of the season as well on Sunday. Previous ranking: 20



23. Jacksonville Jaguars- The Jacksonville Jaguars appear to be the Jekyll and Hyde of the AFC. Two nice wins in the division are now sandwiched in between allowing Kurt Warner to set a single game record for completion percentage and the 2nd worst loss in franchise history this past week. Previous ranking: 21



24. Carolina Panthers- There is not a lot to be optimistic about in Carolina, but a 15 point comeback against the Redskins is still nice. Previous ranking: 26



25. Tennessee Titans- Already with one more loss in the division and two more total losses than last season, the only thing this unit seems to have in common with last year is the uniforms. Previous ranking: 24



26. Oakland Raiders- It took a fumble recovery on a punt return for the Oakland Raiders to get their only score at the end of the second quarter to cut the deficit to 28. When does JaMarcus Russell get benched? Previous ranking: 25



27. Buffalo Bills- Losing to a team whose QB had a zero rating in the game is something the Bills would like to forget as soon as possible. Previous ranking: 27



28. Detroit Lions- Despite coming in another losing effort, it appears that the Lions can move the ball whether it's Stafford or Culpepper throwing the ball. Previous ranking: 28



29. Cleveland Browns- After JaMarcus Russell went 7-24 with 109 yards in a win against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week Two, Derek Anderson pounded his chest and cried out "I can suck much worse in a win than you!". Try 2-17 with 23 yards and INT, unbelievable. Previous ranking: 32



30. Kansas City Chiefs-  It was a lack of discipline from the Dallas Cowboys that kept the Chiefs in the game. On a positive note though, Cassel threw 41 passes behind a poor offensive line, pressured all day and had two TDs to zero INTs. Previous ranking: 29



31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-  Josh Johnson had a couple good drives but bad turnovers came with that. The defense under Jim Bates also has a lot of work to do. Previous ranking: 30



32.St. Louis Rams- Kyle Boller or Marc Bulger? The correct answer is 'Who cares?'.  Previous ranking: 31