NFL: Top 8 Underachievers This Season

Brad S.Correspondent IJune 3, 2008

Last week I put out my list of top ten players that will break out this season, here are eight that will under-perform or not live up to expectations


1. Vince Young

By no fault of his own. The titans had a Chance to draft Limas Sweed, Devin Thomas, or even Jordy Nelson to help Young out and they decided to pick Chris Johnson.  That, coupled with not really getting him anything else this off-season, equals a bad year for Young.

2. Antonio Gates

Not because he's bad or anythingthe Chargers have a lot of young, talented WR's, and I think they will spread the ball out a little more this year with Vincent Jackson becoming the main threat.

3. DeAngilo Hall

I've never really understood why people think he is so good. He gives up tons of yards and gets a lot of penalties. He's basically Ahmad Carrolexcept he gets an INT every once in awhile.

4. Ryan Grant

This is an iffy pick. Packer fans thought that Samkon Gado was the second coming and look how that turned out. Brandon Jackson came on strong at the end of last year and could challenge Grant for the starting spot.

5. Marvin Harrison

He has had some trouble this off-season and he isn't getting any younger. Look for Reggie Wayne to become Manning's first target this season.

6. Javon Walker

I'll admit that as a Packer fan I have a bias here, but I think Ronald Curry will emerge as Oakland's best WR this year.

7. Brian Urlacher

He's getting older, and he didn't seem like the dominant player last year that he has been in the past. I think Briggs will take over as the Bears' best LB this season.

8. Kurt Warner

I think he will fall off the table this year. He is old, and I don't think his body can sustain an entire seasonplus he might not even win the job.