Florida State Seminoles: The Ballad of Bobby Bowden

Trey JonesCorrespondent IOctober 9, 2009

1 Jan 1996:  Head coach Bobby Bowden of the Florida State Seminoles is carried triumphantly off the field by nose guard Andre Wadsworth #8 and tackle Orpheus Roy after defeating the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida 31-26.  Ma

Come and listen to a story about a coach named Bob

An ex-Mountaineer who collects a lot of sod

Down in Tallahassee he made his claim to fame

But lately things are sour and some kinda think he’s lame


Seminoles they are, Former champs, Hard times


Well, over 30 years ago when Bobby came to town

The 'Noles gathered up and he took a look around

Satisfied not with the way they played their ball

He took them under wing and prepped them for the fall


Tallahassee’s the place, Burt Reynolds, Doak Campbell


Five and six was the record but the 'Noles were looking good

Bobby wanted more—that was clearly understood

Whipping up on Florida now 10-2 with ease

The scent of tangerine was hanging heavy in the breeze


Winning records, Gator beatings, Bowl bound


Moving to the '80s—Bobby’s stock is on the rise

As an independent he says “Try us on for size”

Deion’s flashing gold and his smile’s from ear to ear

But the shiny crystal ball never really venture’s near


Road trip bound they head, Flashy pants, Prime Time


Entering the '90s and ol Bobby’s on a roll

The 'Noles are running hot and his opposition’s cold

Miami sees it differently they do not sit still you see

Wide Right–one and two-bring lots of misery


Narrow uprights they are, Gerry Thomas, Dan Mowrey


The ACC’s now home and the schedule’s settled down

Trips to Duke and Clemson make the Carolina’s frown

Now against the Huskers Bobby finally takes his shot

A missed Nebraska field goal gives the Seminoles top spot


Family business it is, Terry the Tiger, Charlie Ward


The time keeps a marching on—the Bowden Bowl is born

Bobby’s wife is wincing hard when Tommy B is torn.

A winter trip to New Orleans with Weinke in command

Equals one more trophy on the shelf—the legend now in hand


Geaux 'Noles they say, Vick gets ripped, A new millennium


The future should look brighter but the clouds begin to form

A promotion from within the staff and some now feel forlorn

The loses start to pile up fast—nepotism is to blame

A Seminole uprising soon begins and boosters now take aim


Wide Right three it is, Wide Left too, Zook wins at Doak


Baby Bowden has to leave in shame but Jimbo comes to town

Papa B is hurting bad but a smile swaps out a frown

Happy times they do not last the losses stay the same

It’s getting pretty ugly now that Jeffery’s not to blame


Gators they growl, 7-6, Rhodes scholar


Again the 'Noles are starting slow—some want to say goodbye

To Bobby Bowden and his staff who once were ranked so high

Harsh rumors, innuendo—the words are cutting deep

Wounded is the coach whose job he fights to keep


2-3's the record, Booster noise, Boston College


Is it really time to say farewell to Bobby and his brood

Opinions greatly differ but there is a changing mood

Loyalty is not a word you hear from those who shout

Others only see the past—no way they toss him out


“Job’s safe for now," Pa Joe speaks, Jimbo steams


You’re all invited back again to argue vocally

Unless of course you needn’t and show humility

A lesson learned from all this mess would be the way to stop

So remember coaches, don’t get canned, just quit when you're on top


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