Is It Time For Full Time Referees?

Randy LavelleCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2009

HOUSTON - OCTOBER 3:  Referee Bill Vinovich #52 reviews a play during the game between the Oakland Raiders and the Houston Texans on October 3, 2004 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Every year through out the league,there are many games that are decided by bad calls by the referees that are paid to make the right call on the field.The new trend is they are ultimately deciding the out come of these games by making so many bad calls.

The Oakland Raiders have been on the wrong side of bad calls for years and it has robbed them of competing in super-bowls.

Each year i look forward to a year of The Raiders to compete in a game that is not decided by a bad call and every year,low and behold,each game comes out with at least one.

These last four games,there has been way too many.

It's bad enough for a QB who is trying to get in a groove,only to have a referee take that groove away.

It's also bad enough to have two rookie receivers who are also trying so desperately to get into there own groove, have there catches taken away.

I really am starting to think that the Hater Nation IS extended to these referees.

My questions are:
Do these referees take a questionnaire before they are hired?
Do they indulge information as to who is there favorite team?
Do they indulge who is there least favorite team?
Where are they from and is there ANY discrimination towards any team?

Even if they would indulge that information,i doubt they would be honest about it.Let's face it,they want the job,because they love the sport.If they love the sport,they love and follow a team.In which case comes in one sided officiating.

Now i know many of these officials have full time jobs,which brings me to believe It's time to hire full time officials.

With so many bad calls on no matter what game is played or by who,would you want your teams destiny decided by an official?

It could mean stopping your momentum through out the season.

It could mean the difference between a playoff run or the end of your season.

It could mean the outcome of a Superbowl,winning or losing.

With all these bad calls,many say you can still win a game and not to put yourself in those situations.

When your such a young team and your looking for momentum,It can take It's toll on you and your team.

I think It's time (In a Very rich and popular NFL) to hire Full-Time Referees and put them through an un-biased based school for doing there jobs properly.

I for one,am tired of all these bad calls around the league .

Your Thoughts?