Fantasy Football Sound Off: Week 4

Michael WhooleySenior Writer IOctober 2, 2009

MINNEAPOLIS - SEPTEMBER 27: Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings drops back to pass as teammate Steve Hutchinson #76 prepares to block against the San Francisco 49ers at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on September 27, 2009 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings defeated the 49ers 27-24. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

One more week and we have officially entered the quarter mark of the season, and plenty has already occurred around the NFL.

There has been an alarming amount of injuries to quarterbacks and running backs alike, a hold-out by an idiotic and ill-advised rookie wide receiver, horrible coaching by one Eric Mangini, and another head coach calling out one of his players through the media.

The Detroit Lions finally were able to shut up some critics as they grabbed their first win since the 2007 season. Mixed into all of that, is the accusation of New England Patriots star wide receiver Randy Moss taking plays off so he can be traded back to the Minnesota Vikings.

Speaking of the Vikings, what an impact Brett Favre has had on their organization? He looks as if he is the final piece to a great puzzle.

That is why I love football so much. A few weeks ago everyone thought they had their fantasy football championships guaranteed after their drafts. Frank Gore was going to have a great season, but that idea took a bit of a turn when he blew out his ankle and will now be missing the next three to four weeks. This has opened the gate for rookie Glen Coffee to become the hottest beverage in households throughout the world during this week’s waiver wire period.

Do you remember that guy bragging about nailing Matt Forte or Steve Slaton in the first round this year, laughing his way to the Commish Kit Draft Board, and then making fun of you for grabbing Cedric Benson?

Who is laughing now?

That is what I mean when I tell Bruno Boys Nation that it is way too early to give up on players and way too early to be getting all fired up about a player who is producing right out of the gate. As we saw with Gore, one injury can change a whole team's fantasy football outlook. But enjoying a player's early-season success doesn’t make you a bad coach. Well, at least not as bad as Mangini.

Now this guy is a real piece of work.

He starts the season out by not mentioning who his starting quarterback was, thinking that way he could play some mind “trickery” on the opponent. Boy, that worked out well.

A week later, and after a horrible performance in Mangini’s debut, you could hear him repeating that Brady Quinn (his chosen savior) is still the Browns quarterback. No questions asked. Fast forward a week and Mangini has a change of heart while benching Quinn and switching to Derek Anderson, who also struggled mightily. Now, I realize that he (Mangini) is still a bit wet behind the ears, but pretty soon he is going to get the boot to his rear.

Talking about a boot to the rear, that is what head coach Jim Mora gave to Seattle Seahawks kicker Olindo Mare after Mare missed a few field goals during last weeks game against the Chicago Bears. I understand the frustration in a hard fought game, but that childish act by the coach just shows even some head coaches need to be checked in the head once in a while.

As long as we're talking about being checked in the head, what is this crap about Moss taking off plays so he can be traded to the Vikings? That is right Mike Freeman of CBS. I am talking to you.

Is Freeman hurting that much for a good story that he has to try and call out a player, who has gotten over his past deficiencies, just to have some fodder filler? Not only is Freeman a chump, but to be honest, he is a poor excuse for all of the hard working journalists out there in the sports world and beyond who look for the truth. The angle if you will.

But Freeman? He is looking to get his name in the headlines, and for that, I consider him for the loser of the week award, if there was such a thing.

Speaking of losers, does Crabtree’s agent really believe he will score Larry Fitzgerald money? He is costing his client tons of money by denying him the leadership and knowledge and sending him on his way to sign the stupid contract. I just don’t get it. I don’t get it like the Detroit Lions didn’t win a football game last year.

Crazy things happen I suppose.

But at least the Lions are full of heart. Crabtree just wants to fill his wallet, or should I say that's what his agent wants. I wish my Lions were the talk of the town this week, but they are not, because Favre is.

I take a face full of egg on this one.

Lee Harris, a buddy of mine, kept telling me during the offseason that Favre would be a great fit in Minnesota.I don’t know if it's because I can’t stand him or what, but I wasn't pulling Favre.

Today, I was told that if Favre wins against Green Bay this week then he becomes the only quarterback in history to have beaten all 32 NFL franchises. Right now, the only player in history to beat all 32 NFL teams is Terrell Owens. Despite my beef with Favre, when he takes the field on Monday night I will be pulling for him to accomplish this feat.

Best of luck in Week 4 my fantasy football friends and thanks for letting me get Week 3 off of my chest.