Golfer Thomas Pieters Shows How PGA Tour Gave Him a Haircut Via Photoshop

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJanuary 27, 2016

via Thomas Pieters

College students around the United States are always told that part of being a professional is looking the part.

Apparently golfer Thomas Pieters didn't have a clean-enough look for the PGA Tour—because it gave the 24-year-old a quick haircut...via Photoshop.

Pieters posted a side-by-side photo Tuesday of his original headshot (right) and the version the PGA Tour was using (left) as his official picture. While the photo editor didn't chop off all of Pieters' locks, he did give the golfer's flow a noticeable trim.

PGA Tour executive vice president Ty Votaw did admit in a statement, via Jason Crook of, that Pieters' headshot was altered, saying that retouching photos is standard protocol: 

In the standard process of prepping new headshots for broadcast TV, electronic scoreboards and other uses—which always requires a bit of retouching and color-correction—our vendor was a bit too heavy-handed in the editing of Thomas Pieters’ photo. The image has been returned more closely to the original photo—although some editing is always required—and reissued to our database. We regret this sequence of events and meant no disrespect to Thomas. We think he has a great head of hair.

It's all good, Thomas. The flow has been updated in your player profile—and the PGA Tour had nothing but kind things to say about it.

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