Appreciate the WWE Greatness: Two High-Flyers, an Instant Classic, and a Tribute

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIISeptember 17, 2009

When all else fails, appreciate the greatness displayed in the ring.

Why, you ask? Because the mainstream program of the sports and entertainment world is always going to find a way to disappoint even the most dedicated fan.

This is why we should always take a step back and realize the real reason we love the pro wrestling world is because of the art form showcased in the wrestling ring.

After a great success with my past article, “When All Else Fails, Appreciate the Greatness Displayed in the Ring,” I knew it would be right if I continue this trend to leave that reminder in wrestling fans' minds everywhere. 

Why appreciate the greatness?

Because the greatness is what takes place in the ring; yes, there are other factors that bring it all together and make the product even better...but this is the reason we were drawn to the product.

These guys/girls work hard to bring the art form to TV sets every week. They are artists, and when they have the right canvas, they can create a masterpiece.

So let’s take a look at some great masterpieces, shall we?



Can you say “INSTANT CLASSIC” or what?

This match had a great build to it as these two great talents would be at each other’s throat until their highly regarded match at WrestleMania III.

Savage met Steamboat in a match for the Intercontinental title, which ended by count out in Savage's favor.

Although Savage still held on to his beloved IC title, he still felt threatened by “The Dragon,” so he decided to put him on the shelf by injuring Steamboat's larynx with a ring bell.

This left Steamboat on the shelf for two months, but this would not make Steamboat forget what Savage had done to him.

It wasn't long before the two were scheduled to meet at WrestleMania III.

This highly anticipated match would live up to the hype and surpass it, as they brought the house down.

After all the hype and intense promos, it was time for the two to settle their dispute in the ring for the Intercontinental title.

These two did not waste any time; this match was very intense, and very high-impact. Savage and Steamboat beat each other down every inch of the ring.

The two simply set a pace from start to finish and kept a physical tone in the match...Macho man seemed to have the upper hand in most of the match and was beating Steamboat down to ultimate weakness.

Steamboats diehard effort and ever inspiring heart made the match even more unique, as the Macho Man had trouble putting Steamboat out for the win.

This led to Savage being frustrated and had him looking for the ring bell to put a motionless Dragon out with a flying elbow with bell in hand.

But George Steel, being in Steamboats corner, prevented that from happening by knocking the Macho Man off the top rope.

At this time Earl Hebner regained his stability while Macho Man looked to set up a body slam; that’s when Steamboat pulled off an epic roll-up to secure the win and the Intercontinental title.

This match would end up being a favorite to fans everywhere for years and still is to this day, as they simply displayed an effort that seemed to be untouched at that time and would be a setting point for future great matches.



If you truly are a cruiserweight fan or simply enjoy the style then this is the match for you.

Back in the day when the cruiserweight title actually meant something and held value before being tarnished with the likes of Hornswoggle you could see great matches like these.

But this match had something extra special to it...the atmosphere, the moment and the glorious high flying action were all set at the right time.

These two looked to make every moment in the match a high light reel which they basically did.

The action displayed in the ring made you not want to turn away...for example, your mind was telling you to go pee but your eyes were instantly glued to the match from start to finish.

Guerrero was laying down a brute force on the high flying Mysterio as he was trying to leave with the belt and Mysterio’s the match was a Title vs. Mask match.

Every time Mysterio would try to gain control Eddie was always there to get the upper hand and control of the match.

To slow down the fast pace Mysterio, Eddie simple tortured Rey Mysterio to keep the high flyer down but with pride and heart Mysterio would fight back.

He did so by pulling off dazzling maneuvers that had fans in a daze.

Mysterio pulled off his finally glorious moment of the match with a reversal as Guerrero was setting up a power bomb off the top rope...Mysterio accomplished the successful maneuver and won the belt to keep his beloved mask.

Could we possibly see the rebirth of the cruiserweight title in great fashion? 



After the death of his younger brother Owen Hart, Bret Hart wanted to send a tribute to him the only way he knew he could do the best and that is putting on an awesome match.

Bret would hand pick a fellow Canadian technical wrestler Chris Benoit, which would not be a disappointing choice, as they provided the fans a good match and the front-seat viewer (Owen) a great tribute

The two kicked off the match with a hand shake to show the respect the two had for one another...after that, the two went to technical work.

Hart and Beniot would go back in forth by landing very intense grappling maneuvers… It was like the two were trying to break one another.

Bret Hart would keep up the steady pace to wear down the vicious Benoit, but Benoit would get his chance to bring the pain.

Benoit clawed his way back up to try and slow down Bret’s steady and intense pace, as every grappling move Bret made was made with a statement.

Each of them even displayed some of Owen's signature moves—and laid them down with devastating fashion.

The two wore each other down and were fueled on pure heart and emotion to put on a classic match.

The two were playing offense and defense at the same time as each tried to supply their signature submission (Crippler Cross face and The Sharp Shooter).

But Bret slipped in his aggressive Sharp Shooter and secured his win for the match as Benoit tapped out.

But it was never really about a win or a loss at all; it was all for the respect and love for Owen Hart.

The two gave their respect two Owen as they stood in the center of the ring and shared a respectful hug.

Hope you enjoyed this latest peace and appreciate these three awesome matches.

Please read, rate, comment, and leave your thoughts.

Thank you.




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