When All Else Fails, Appreciate the Greatness Displayed in the Ring

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIISeptember 8, 2009

A lot of work goes into wrestling; wrestlers have to go through a lot of work to reach a certain high point to be successful in the pro wrestling world.

The wrestlers who push themselves further and connect with the fans the best are the ones who are highly rewarded for their hard work.

Well, sometimes that statement can be false, as some fans have not seen or never saw their favorite star reach the status they were supposed to achieve.

But even if a superstar never reaches that high point at the end of the day, they know they are satisfying fans everywhere with the results they distribute from their hard work.

If it wasn’t for certain factors, a lot of fans would probably tune out of the sometimes dazing pro wrestling world. Because at the end of the day, we can always (sometimes) can enjoy a well put on match.

Wrestling is a awesome entertainment outlet (once again sometimes)…To see a wrestler perform and perfect moves that a ton of people can only dream of doing is simply amazing and lures you in to stay focused on the program.

This factor is highly one of the reasons fans come back to watch as they appreciate the fantastic effort show cased.

If that factor was nonexistent all hope in pro wrestling would be lost; there would be no point in watching the product one bit.

So if you get frustrated with product on occasion, which is bound to happen, just remember and appreciate the graceful abilities processed in the square circle.

This is why I have decided to take a look at a few matches that displayed some of the greatest in ring moments in pro wrestling history or simply had fans in amazement.


The Austin vs. Hart feud could go down in history as one of the greatest feuds in pro wrestling history.

After numerous times of taunting and challenging Hart; Austin would finally get his chance to go to battle with one of WWF’s prime time talents.

This would be Austin’s chance to boost his popularity even further after his ’96 King of the Ring win.

Hart and Austin would have a slew of great matches but none of them could compare to their epic Wrestlemania 13 submission match.

This is was a very physical match that basically took place throughout the arena as the two were in a dog fight.

Even special guest referee Ken Shamrock couldn’t contain this massive explosion of a match.

What made the match even more alluring were the bloodied Austin and his no quit effort.

Austin and Hart truly gave their all in this match and it showed in the end result…The match was so good you did not want it to end, but like all great things it had to end…But this ending was one of the greatest as there was no clear winner.

Bret Hart locked up an impressive sharpshooter that seemed to make Austin submit but Austin being Austin did not quit but ultimately passed out due to the lost of blood.

This match was a highly intense match full of action and pain that made fans love wrestling even more.


Do I really need to say anything else besides those two names to let you know what I am talking about?

No… To be honest if this match would had not been on Wrestlemania 25, it would have been an ultimate fail.

This match made this year’s biggest pro wrestling event even bigger and even set a higher standard for wrestlers to perform at a even higher level.

To fray away real quick I honestly wonder if Cena, Triple H, or Orton wanted to perform after seeing that extremely mega epic match.

Everyone knew that the Undertaker vs. Michaels match was the true main event.

Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels had it all…Once you thought the match would come to a disappointing end we (fans) were shocked again to see that the epic match will continue.

Although in the back of all of our minds that Undertaker would win the match to continue is dominant Wrestlemania winning streak but for that moment all that was blurred out and we could almost see the thought of Michaels beating Undertaker at WM.

Those two created pure magic in the ring and had fans at a high point which they did not want to come down from.

These two proved that they could still hang and compete at a high level and was showing the younger talent how it’s truly done.


If it wasn’t for this feud I probably would had never tuned in to Smackdown to witness the instant classic cage match they put on.

Any other Friday I would had been out or simply been watching something else, but on this certain Friday something told me to tune in to Smackdown.

Which I am very glad I did as they put on an impressive match especially days after they put on a grueling TLC match.

This feud was a good feud and made me like CM Punk and Hardy just a little and I mean little bit more.

Even if you’re not so high on either one of these two, you have to put your hands together for their talents.

This match was a perfect way to wave goodbye to the “Charismatic Enigma.”

This match actually got me to tune into the next Monday Night Raw to see what it would have in place to top that cage match but it was pointless as I tuned out soon after (laughs).

Now those were just a few matches that I decided to point out; there are many more but I don’t want to turn this into a big list.

The point of this is: maybe WWE and other promotions like TNA should shy away some of the dumb tactics they put on that actually don’t generate attention.

If pro wrestling actually displayed more wrestling and more action and grab attention of more fans we could see another high point in wrestling.

For example Chavo Vs. Hornswoggle seriously…How you expect people to take the product more seriously and keep on tuning in if your placing this on TV?

All the fans want to see is great entertaining television and like the few matches up above that is what entertaining is to me and others.

WWE & TNA have a crop of talent that could put on these epic matches but have them at a standstill, as they feel the only way to generate attention is put on these dumb promos, but they are wrong.

So until the major promotions learn, just remember why you fell in love with the sports & entertainment world and appreciate the greatness displayed in the ring.

Please comment, leave feedback and share your thoughts/opinion….Thank you.


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