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Bruce MiltonContributor ISeptember 13, 2009

When the 2008 Redskins were 6-2, I predicted that they would finish 8-8.  Most Skins’ fans gave excuses for the collapse; I gave reasons before the collapse.  This season I will document my analysis as the season progresses.   I will not pull any punches.  I will give credit where I believe it is due.   I will criticize irrespective of the player or coach.  I don’t purport to know any more that anyone else.  This is only my analysis based on my observations-what I see and what I believe.  At times that analysis may be controversial and even far-fetched.  If anything I write offends anyone, then so what.  Get Over It.  It’s opinionated and based on the observation and analysis of a single fan, me.  The RdsknGuru.  


Disclaimer: Any information used in my writing is not to be used for betting purposes.  




Samuels is susceptible to the outside speed rush.  He’s been nicked and hurt year after year.  By his own admission he didn’t have a good year last year making his pro-bowl selection suspect.  Dockery should have never left but he had a propensity for penalties when he was here some years ago.  Not necessarily an upgrade over the departed Kendall.   The center Raubach is steady.  Thomas is old, stays hurt but is reliable in the running game.  Heyer  occasionally takes a vacation at the right tackle spot.  I believe he lacks the consistent intensity required for that position. 



Cooley is a great route runner, but lacking when asked to block.   I would consider playing him in the slot, with Davis at tight end.  Davis needs to be on the field as much as possible.  Yoder is basically a blocker, but knows how to get open in the red zone. 



Moss is one of the most dangerous receivers in the league but they must get him the ball in space.  Because he is small, those little screen hitches and quick outs allow him to get banged up.  Kelly is big and has good hands but I question his toughness.  In my opinion Thomas is tougher and more physical, just lacking in the mental preparedness.  Mitchell needs to be on the field because he is just flat out a play maker.  Randall-El is still on the team?  How is that possible?  Oh, the gimmick guy and emergency quarterback.  My bad. 



Portis is well, Portis.  Tough runner, great pass blocker, average pass receiver.  Betts is a serviceable runner, good pass receiver, poor blocker.  With him being the designated third down back, look for a Campbell fumble or two, or even a Campbell injury.  Mason supplants Betts at the no.2 back if he doesn't fumble Sellers is a good blocker if you get in his way.  If he has to change direction to make a block, he is suspect.  I’ve seen him miss many blocks when having to make that directional adjustment.




Campbell is a serviceable quarterback at best.  Stands tall in the pocket, has a strong arm but not accurate on the deep ball, most notably deep balls down the middle of the field.  Has a tendency to make up his mind where to throw the ball before the snap, even if it’s into triple coverage.  Also has the propensity to wait for a receiver to get open before throwing the ball.  This allows the defense to recover, putting the receiver in the unenviable position of getting hit immediately after catching the ball.  He needs to learn to anticipate the receiver getting open and throwing the ball sooner.  It would help the receiver and the offensive line.  In Campbell’s three years as the starter I’ve seen no more than ten impressive throws.  The good ones will show that many in one game.   In college Campbell averaged a 300 yard game every 14 contests.  In the NFL it is every 15 games.  What you saw then is what you get now.  He has shown that he is not a play maker.  Maybe the light bulb will come on in Campbell’s head, but his time is running out.  This is his make or break season.  I believe it will be his last as the starter for the Redskins.  And possibly his last as a starter in the NFL.  Anyone ever heard of Anthony Wright, Patrick Ramsey,  Quincy Carter,  Kordell Stewart, Kyle Boller?   I believe that Collins will end up being the starter either by injury or lack of production on Campbell’s part. 


                          The Defense


Carter has one pass rushing move and the one year that he had double-digit sack I credit mostly to secondary coverage sacks.  Griffin is old and susceptible to injury.  Haynesworth could be damaged goods.  I believe it has been reported that he had injections to his knee on a couple of occasions.  He missed the first and the last pre season games and Bryan Mitchell stated that he saw Haynesworth getting blocked one on one.  Also, was Haynesworth a product of the Tennessee system?  When he sat out a game last year his replacement (a rookie I believe) registered a multi-sack game.   Does Dana Stubblefield ring a bell?  Will Greg Blache give him free reign to reck havoc or will this system (Gregg Williams’ system) handcuff Haynesworth like it handcuffed Lavar Arrington?  Wynn and Daniels are old and will probably wear down during the year. Orakpo shows much promise, but as a rookie  will he hit the proverbial rookie wall around the 11th or 12th game of the season?  Is his mental game up to NFL standards?  I see teams using his outside speed rush against him by running draws and delays behind him. 



Fletcher is steady in the middle but old and at some point you must anticipate his body breaking down. He’s intelligent and the main cog in that defense.    McIntosh has shown flashes of stardom but can’t seem to put in a complete season.  Where is Orakpo starting?  Linebacker or defensive  line?  I believe they are overusing him which may lead to him to burning out early.



Horton and Landry are solid and good hitters.  Landry is a little weak on long passes over his left shoulder.  Smoot is serviceable but allows too big a cushion.  Hall is better than average but has problems with big receivers.  Rogers  is starting to resemble the departed Springs in that when he is healthy he has proven he can be one of the better corners in the league.  But the operative phrase is “when he is healthy” .  Rogers stayed nicked up the entire preseason. 



I don’t know how Danny Smith still has a job.  Special teams have been prone to the big play.  Cartwright is average at the KO return.  Randle-El sucks as a punt returner (most fair catches in the NFL in 2008).  I say split the punt return duties between Moss and Hall. 




Zorn is in the second and possibly final stage of his audition. This year may also be Cerrato’s swan song.   The next Redskin coach will want control of personnel.  Think Gruden, Cowher, Shanahan, Belick and Holmgren.  I believe Zorn lost the respect of many players last year during the Portis fiasco.  Zorn needs to make playoffs and through the first round.  It remains to be seen. 



I envision the Redskins being 5-2, no worst than 4-3 after seven games.  I see them winning only two or three of the remaining nine games, finishing at 7-9 or 8-8 at best and missing the playoffs.