DeAngelo Hall Is Overrated, but Oakland Raiders' Defense Is Solid

Samuel Bell JrSenior Analyst IMay 18, 2008

Congratulations on the Oakland Raiders playing into the "shutdown corner" sweepstakes.

Cornerbacks have been getting paid way too much to be the next great shutdown corner.

Next, we will have Tyra Banks along with Rod Woodson and Deion Sanders have a reality show to air on ESPN called, "America's Next Top Shutdown Corner." 

Chris Mortensen along with some former cornerback coaches will give them new missions every week.

Hey, Tom Brady did call ESPN "another MTV with highlights" in response to Spygate this week. Wouldn't this help his point?

Seriously, DeAngelo Hall is not and never will be a shutdown corner. Neither is Nate Clements or Jason David, two other corners who cashed in on the NFL's new-found fascination with so-called shutdown corners.

The only shutdown corner I see in the NFL right now is Champ Bailey, and even Dre Bly hurt the Denver defense last year more than the year before.

If you need proof, go to YouTube that Monday night game against Favre and the Packers when Bly was burned by Greg Jennings.

Here are some interesting stats for the Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders in the past two seasons defensively:

Denver Broncos

2006 Record- 9-7

Pass Yards- 3410 (21st)

Opposing Team PPG- 19.1 (24th)

2007 Record- 7-9

Pass Yards- 3094 (26th)

Opposing Team PPG- 25.6 (28th)

So overall, 2007 was worse defensively for the Denver Broncos, the year Dre Bly was acquired.

San Francisco 49ers

2006 Record- 7-9

Pass Yards- 3571 (26th)

Opposing Team PPG- 25.8 (32nd)

2007 Record- 5-11

Pass Yards- 3643 (22nd)

Opposing Team PPG- 22.8 (20th)

The San Francisco 49ers was better defensively in 2007, but they drafted Patrick Willis, a Pro-Bowl linebacker who was the Defensive Player of the Year. Even with him, they could not finish in the top 10 of either category in 2007.

Therefore, the wrong problem was addressed by the niners in last years' offseason.

More pressure on the quarterback makes it easier for your secondary, and the 49ers needed more defensive linemen who could pressure the quarterback.

Oakland Raiders

2006 Record- 2-14

Pass Yards- 2413 (1st)

Opposing Team PPG- 20.8 (18th)

2007 Record- 4-12

Pass Yards- 3132 (8th)

Opposing Team PPG- 24.9 (26th)

Oakland did very well holding opposing teams to low passing outputs in both seasons but give up way too many points, in which their offense isn't efficient enough to score an equal amount.

The point proven here is that having a shutdown corner and paying superstar money to them doesn't ensure defensive success.

DeAngelo Hall, Jason David and Dre Bly are solid corners, but aren't important enough to a defense to offer substantial changes in their bottom lines. Defensive linemen and linebackers are the key components of a great defense.

Not saying that corners aren't important because they are, but shouldn't be the highest paid players on your defense unless of course, they're Champ Bailey.

A guy like DeAngelo Hall, who has a severely inflated ego, has many defensive lapses within a game. He can cause you to almost single-handedly lose a game like he did against Carolina last season with his narcissism against Steve Smith.

Let's hope that DeAngelo tones it down a bit and plays within that Raider system. He doesn't have to be great with the talent around him.

He just needs to be quiet and play the position, or he may go down as one of the most overrated corners of all time.




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