Spotlighting the Indies: Trent Acid

Scott BeebySenior Analyst IAugust 10, 2009

By now, I'm sure most of you know about the new "Spotlighting The Indies" series.

Involved in this new project is the "Awesome Foursome" of Matthew Hester, James Triggs, Hayley Graham, and myself.

So far there's been some great pieces on Jack Evans, Sterling James Keenan, and Jody Fleisch. Hopefully this article lives up to the high standard that has been set before me.

Trent Acid, born in 1980, made his pro wrestling debut at the tender age of just 14 years old. Within the next few years, Acid was trained by The Pit Bulls from the old ECW.

It wasn't until he was 18 that he joined a wrestling promotion based in New Jersey at the time, Combat Zone Wrestling.

Since 1999, Acid has been in CZW while also venturing out into other promotions such as Ring Of Honor, Pro Wrestling Unplugged, and recently Pro Wrestling Syndicate.

Acid made an impact in CZW during his countless wrestling matches with Johnny Kashmere. The two ended up teaming together to form the very popular tag team, The Backseat Boyz.

Little did they know how successful they would be as a duo. Shortly after the formation of The Backseat Boyz, they had already claimed their first of several CZW Tag Team Championships.

Throughout their time as a tag team, the pair also continued to ply their trade as singles wrestlers. Acid was focused on the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Title, and won it on three occasions within the next 18 months, and is still the only wrestler in the history of CZW to do so.

Acid also took part in CZW's first annual Best Of The Best tournament in May 2001. He defeated Juventud Guerrera and Jay Briscoe to make it to the final where he was ultimately defeated. His matches in the tournament solidified his position as one of the biggest up-and-comers in the promotion.

Acid featured in the second annual Best Of The Best tournament as well. This time around he was again matched up against some serious competitors, but he still managed to make it to the final where he defeated Jody Fleisch to become the second Best Of The Best champion in CZW.

It was at this time that Acid, along with Kashmere, started wrestling for Ring Of Honor. They made their debut for the company at the first Glory By Honor when they wrestled, and defeated, the team of Homicide and Steve Corino.

From there they went on to wrestle several notable tag teams such as the Briscoe Brothers, Special K, The Carnage Crew, Jack Evans and Teddy Hart, and The SAT.

The Backseat Boyz went on to win the ROH Tag Team Championships, which meant that they were the first team in history to win both the ROH and CZW Tag Team titles.

Kashmere eventually left ROH, which left Acid in the company to compete as a singles wrestler.

He wrestled some high profile superstars during his two-year stint with the promotion including Homicide, Sonjay Dutt, Colt Cabana, Jimmy Rave, Delirious, Matt Sydal, Shawn Daivari, Samoa Joe, Jack Evans, and Jimmy Jacobs.

After leaving ROH, Acid joined Kashmere's new upstart promotion Pro Wrestling Unplugged, where he was thrown into the main event scene, mixing it up with his old rival Homicide once again. Acid moved on to feud with 2 Cold Scorpio and then Devon Moore, both times over the PWU World Heavyweight Championship.

Acid then entered arguably the biggest rivalry of his career to date. It was in mid-2005 that he began a program with his once good friend Hellter Skelter. The feud went on for months on end after Skelter claimed that he had become the evil person he was due to Acid neglecting their friendship.

The rivalry culminated in a Philadelphia Street Fight in August of that year, with Acid walking away the victor. Acid moved on to face other opponents over the next couple of years, but all that time the anger inside Skelter was building up.

Skelter wouldn't accept the result of their street fight, and so the rivalry picked up where it left off after Skelter cut a series of disturbing promos including one memorable occasion when he promised to carve Acid's flesh. Acid eventually accepted the rematch, but this time around he lost.

Acid also briefly wrestled for Juggalo Championship Wrestling in 2007. He announced during his time there that he was to be referred to as "the saviour of JCW." Acid went on to win the JCW World Heavyweight Title shortly before leaving for a return to PWU.

After having knee surgery and taking time off to recover, Acid made his return to PWU, where he was named as the co-owner of the promotion with Johnny Kashmere after the departure of the original owner Tod Gordon.

After PWU took a leave of absence for the majority of 2008 and the first half of 2009, Acid rejoined the CZW roster in what is apparently his full time return to the company.

Acid explained to the CZW fans at his first event back that his absence was due to being in jail for the past 10 months. He then went on to announce his intentions of winning the CZW World Heavyweight Championship.

Trent Acid is a nine-time Heavyweight Champion in several promotions, and at just 28 years of age, he has a very bright future ahead of him.

He is also able to take huge bumps. Just take a look at this video of him being put through a table, FROM ON TOP OF A SCAFFOLD! Listen for the commentator in the clip. It sounds like he just hit puberty!