San Francisco 49ers: Fry Em

Brian O'FlahertyContributor IAugust 6, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 25:  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell poses with with San Francisco 49ers #10 draft pick Michael Crabtree at Radio City Music Hall for the 2009 NFL Draft on April 25, 2009 in New York City  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

Turn up the heat on Michael Crabtree and Eugene Parker. Turn it up. Oh no, you misunderstand, don't be shy...

I mean turn it up! Way up.


At this point, fans realize that not only do they not need Michael Crabtree this year, he might in fact hold the team back.


The 49ers are overflowing with WRs this year. A good player, who worked his butt off in camp, will have to be cut if Crabtree signs. The 49ers need all the good players they can get this year.


The quarterbacks look much better than last year. Hell, the whole offense looks much better than last year.


Even Adam Snyder has a chance to take the starting right tackle job away from former Pro Bowler Marvel Smith.


Why spoil this?


Why, in the midst of economic hardship, do the 49ers need to reach to the moon to pull in an unproven rookie just so that rookie can cause a good football player to get cut?


Turn this one up to high, forget to set the timer, and walk away and do some yard work.



I feel I'm the best player in this draft”


Its been said before, and it'll undoubtedly be said again, but does anyone remember a player from the 2000 NFL draft who made this statement?


I think his name was...P...Prr...Perry Williams? Oh, no. Percy Wervick? Or, hmm...


Ok, so I did a Google search for the 2000 draft and his name is “Peter Warrick.”


NOW I remember.


What the heck happened to him?


All I remember about him was he was dynamite as a player in college, and was almost unstoppable.


I also remember he wasn't that tall, nor did he have big-time speed.


But he was so productive at Florida State he ended up as the 4th overall pick in the 2000 draft.


Wow. He must have been talented.


Hang on a sec, let me look at Wikipedia to see how his career went.


Oh, that's neat...he was nicknamed, “The Great One” in college...


Oh, um. Uhh Oh.


He lasted four years in the league, and then signed with the Las Vegas Gladiators. Hmm...might have been fun.


He now plays for the Bloomington Extreme. I guess...take it to the extreme baby?


But, but, uhh, but didn't Peter Warrick say that he was the best player in the entire 2000 NFL Draft?


Isn't it true that if you say something is true, it's automatically true as well? Hang on, let me think about that for a second.


Yeah, no, just go ahead and scratch that last statement.


Oh, but isn't it true that if you were a dynamite player in college, then you will be guaranteed success in the NFL? I mean football is football is football, right?


Err, but, err...uh...




Not true at all.



You're the best, in town, nothing's gonna ever take ya down”


After I come out of the movies, I think I'm the best in town.


I feel I am 007 dashing.


But a few hours later, I realize the movies don't translate into the real world.


College provides connections. It helps you get the interview. It helps you get prepared.


But when the real world comes, it doesn't care a lick what you did in college. It doesn't care a lick where you came from, or what you did in the past.


It only cares about what you have done in the last five minutes.


Five minutes.


Want to sit out the whole year Michael Crabtree because you think you're “the best in town”?


Come next year, not only will nobody remember your name, but those millions of dollars which you think are yours will disappear faster than a blank check to the Fed.


Peter Warrick was “the best in town” too. Now, he's more than that; he's Extreme, baby!





Would you like some butter with your fried Crab, Mr. Parker?


I for one am looking forward to what Isaac Bruce, Josh Morgan, Brandon Jones, Jason Hill, Arnaz Battle, and Dominique Zeigler are going to do this year.


They look good. They just finished practice five minutes ago. They're doing it the easy way.


Michael Crabtree, if you think you are a better player than Josh Morgan, think again.


You don't have more speed.

You don't have more size.

You don't have better hands.

You don't have pro experience.


And most importantly, you don't play football.


If you don't think 20 million guaranteed is good enough, then perhaps you should give Peter Warrick a call: not Deon Sanders.


Ask how much money Bloomington is paying him.


You see, Deon Sanders was a once in a lifetime talent.


If you asked Peter Warrick, guys like you are certainly not.


Play ball first, then you will be paid IF you are indeed “the best in town.”


If you sit out the year, Parker is toast, and you are dead meat.


It seems as if Eugene Parker enjoys the finer things in life. Fancy cars, suits, oh ya, and fried cab meat.


Sit out the year kid, and you are cooked.



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