A Miami Hurricanes Fan at FSU

Nate WatsonContributor IAugust 5, 2009

Hello to all fellow 'Canes fans. This is my first time really writing anything and I'm pretty excited. I've been a 'Cane fan since birth, and maybe even longer. My dad and I have been going to Miami home games pretty steadily since around 1999 and, I must say, there are few better feelings in the world. It's always been my dream to go to the University of Miami. I graduated from high school this past June and things have been going pretty well since then. In about 14 days, I'll be on my way to take on college...at the dadgum Florida State University.

Ok, please don't freak out. Take some deep breaths, count to ten and keep reading. I got into UM but couldn't go for financial reasons. I would equate their tuition to giving them a vital organ per year for four years, and it's just not worth it for undergrad. I figure I'll try again for grad school.

It was tough sending them that "Refuse Admission" email, even tougher sending FSU that "Accept Dadgum Admission" email, and it was downright bizarre when I got their big folder in the mail that said YOU'RE A DADGUM 'NOLE!! ("Who?...Me?"). It felt as if everything in my life had been turned upside-down. And I'd been feeling pretty sorry for myself for a while. Things weren't looking too hot.

But somehow I've found a silver lining to that garnet and gold cloud. It's definitely not the worst thing in the world that could happen for several reasons:

  1. I have a lot of respect for Florida State. They have a proud tradition, fans that are more than bearable, and are a program that has been in the same boat as we have with public perception (to some degree). I also love Bobby Bowden.
  2. It's a lot better than the alternatives, those being: Financial ruin (UM), community college, and Reptilian-school-that-shall-not-be-named in Gainesville (RSTSNBN)
  3. RSTSNBN deserves it's own category. I have no respect for them, their fanbase, and most of the things they stand for. My buddy Greg (a 'nole) and I have countless conversations on our seemingly boundless and ever-growing hatred of them. Going there would be akin to death...worse actually.
  4. FSU has good fashion sense. Garnett and gold are great colors, the football team has the 2nd best uniforms in the NCAA (second to ours of course), and the logo is awesome.
  5. Finally, FSU is a great school, plain and simple. Good academics, good city, good campus, #10 party school, and i've heard that they're the #3 school in the nation in terms of females behind USC and UCLA, but I haven't been able to verify.

These revelations were relieving, but when it came right down to it, I had to make a decision regarding the rest of my life: 'Cane or 'Nole? Despite attempted swayings from some of my 'Nole friends and even my grandmother, I realized that I had neither the ability nor the desire to switch over and become a full-fledged seminole. The 'Noles will hold a special place in my heart for the rest of my life, but that heart will still pump orange and green, and it will hate RSTSNBN with twice as much rigor.

Now comes the interesting part: actually going to FSU. I have to say that I'm pretty nervous about it. I have no clue what it's going to be like or what's going to happen, but I know one thing, it won't be boring. This series will be the chronicle of that experience. I'm going to write about the things that happen to me this year(insults, getting beat up or what have you). I'll ask for input and advice from fellow 'Canes and I'll also write on topics related to the Hurricanes and college football in general. I also invite 'Noles to read and might even ask them for advice. Hopefully, it'll be somewhat entertaining and can be used for future reference by someone else stuck in a similar predicament. So without further ado, this is a dadgu...I mean this is A Miami Hurricane Fan at FSU. Stay tuned.