What The Hell Happened To Steve Spurrier?

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What The Hell Happened To Steve Spurrier?
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Many college football fans have come to a sad realization after witnessing Spurrier's performance at SEC Media Days.

We actually feel sorry for Steve Spurrier!

I can't believe that I am even writing those words, something just feels wrong about it.

How has the man we once hated so thoroughly suddenly become the object of our pity?

What the hell happened to Steve Spurrier?

The Steve Spurrier we once knew would have kicked the crap out of the guy we saw sheepishly making excuses and passing blame for a voting mistake at SEC Media Days.

The Pre-Redskins Steve Spurrier would have strutted up to the podium and proudly announced "No I didn't vote for Tim Tebow and if you don't like it, screw you."

The Steve Spurrier of just a few years ago would have been happy to square off with Urban Meyer in the parking lot and would have had Danny Wuerffel on hand to take care of Tim Tebow.

The sad thing is ..

The Steve Spurrier we once knew is gone.

The Steve Spurrier we all loved to hate has been replaced by a new man who wears the regret of his past decisions squarely on his face for all to see.

A man who longs for the glory days of coaching his beloved Gators and making fun of Ray Goff and Peyton Manning.

"I simply believe that twelve years as head coach at a major university in the SEC is long enough." Spurrier said in 2002 as he announced he would be leaving the Gators for the then greener grasses of the NFL .

If only he had known that the flight he boarded to Reagan International would eventually land at Columbia Metropolitan.

If only he could turn back the clock and tell Dan Snyder thanks but no thanks.

If only....

Many fans,including myself wish that he could go back in time and do it all over again.

We all seemed to enjoy hating him much more than feeling sorry for him.

I'll bet he liked it better that way too.

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