Lakers Win The NBA Title, But Where Is Dr. Buss?

John 'Fatty'-FatlandCorrespondent IJune 21, 2009

SANTA MONICA, CA - APRIL 12:  Actress Bai Ling and Dr. Jerry Buss play poker at the Los Angeles  Lakers 3rd annual Mirage Las Vegas Casino Night and Bodog Celebrity Poker Invitational benefiting Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation at Barker Hangar on April 12, 2006 in Santa Monica, California.  (Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images for Bodog.Com)

He’s been a ‘missing in action’ owner of the Lakers.

Lakers players, coaches, and fans have been celebrating night and day, but its been a ‘NO SHOW’ to Dr. Buss and to most of the Buss family.

Why was this Joey Buss character accepting the O'Brian trophy on the court, after the Lakers clinched the title? When it should have been the owner of the Lakers, not some mail room intern!

I have my thoughts on this matter, on 'Where has Dr. Buss been?' and I’m sure you will think I’m crazy, but hear me out.

I have to tell this story. Then tell me what you think?

On my way back to Arizona from California, driving across the desert, I picked up a hitchhiker, a very old man, who was bearded, had long scraggly hair, and was not too clean.

Why did I pick him up, seeing as I NEVER pick up hitchhikers?

Because he was wearing a Lakers cap.

And being in one good Lakers mood, after winning the NBA Championship, decided to take a chance on one of my fellow Lakers brethren.

I have to admit, this guy really knew his Lakers basketball, as we talked endlessly, driving across that long stretch between Barstow and Needles on Interstate 40. I was thoroughly impressed. I found it very intriguing, about his insightful knowledge of my favorite team, especially coming from this homeless person.

But anyway, I felt sorry for him and bought him supper at McDonalds in Kingman, Arizona. Then reached into my pocket, gave him a twenty and wished him the best.

The old man, looking to be on his last leg, said he would take the twenty and head back to Vegas and win back his lost fortune. He obviously was a bit delusional.

The old guy did swear to me, he wouldn’t take charity and promised to pay me back. In fact, he took out a pen and wrote on a McDonalds napkin what I thought at the time, was an I.O.U.

He handed it to me and said to keep it in a safe place, because one day, it would be very valuable.

My reply was, that’s not necessary, but he insisted and not wanting to cause any further shame to him, accepted the note and teased, “I will be coming for my money someday”

We shook hands and then he walked away into the darkness of the desert night.

Only later, when home, I read the note.

It was not an I.O.U.

 It was scribbled weakly, but I could make out the writing. I thought to myself, this guy had one great sense of humor, as I chuckled.

The napkin note started this way.

“I, being of sound mind, upon my death, leave my entire share of the Lakers Organization to this very kind gentleman and loyal Lakers Fan, who shared with me an enjoyable ride in his car, a meal, and loaned some money to a poker player down hard on his luck.”


Dr. Jerry Buss
Owner of the Lakers

Obviously I felt at the time, this guy must be joking. But when I saw on TV that Dr. Buss has been missing, I began to feel, that maybe, just maybe, this was the real ‘missing Dr. Buss’ after all.

Consider this:

What owner of a team would miss the Lakers Championship, the Parade, and Celebration? Why haven’t we seen him in public, nor heard any word from the Lakers proud franchise owner? Only strange notes coming from the Lakers publicist, that he was too busy and was gambling in Vegas.

Are you kidding me?! Missing ALL THIS, for THAT?! Sounds like weak spin to me.

The truth probably is, ‘He was last seen in the vicinity of Vegas’ and they don’t know where he is. It would also explain why key family members have been  missing as well, looking for dad, while stalling with the media.

Some have even speculated he must be very sick. Or perhaps becoming  like a hermit, the way Howard Hughes was living a top, some hotel Penthouse suite, in seclusion, in Las Vegas.

But THIS Lakers fan thinks he knows where Dr. Buss has been. The coincidences are too, ….well……too coincidental. As incredible as it seems, more than likely, its my belief, that was him, riding in my car, talking Lakers, and sharing a Big Mac, fries and a Coke.

And that 'Last Will and Testament' is the real thing.

There is also a lesson to be learned when helping someone. More than the reward of giving to a person in need. You never know who you may be aiding.  Befriending that strange, odd looking old man, may be more beneficial than even winning the Lottery.

You might be richly rewarded with ownership of the best team and franchise in pro sports, the Los Angeles Lakers.

You don’t believe my story? That’s fine, I wouldn’t believe it either if you shared this with me. But some day in the future, when you see me in the Staples Center Owners Suite, you will know how I got there.


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