Beyond the Numbers: A Fun Look at Ronaldo's Madrid Contract

Puneet SinghContributor IJune 21, 2009

ROME - MAY 27: Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United during the UEFA Champions League Final match between Barcelona and Manchester United at the Stadio Olimpico on May 27, 2009 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

Now that all the tiny tidbits to Cristiano Ronaldo's contract are all wrapped up, it's time to break down the numbers for fun.

Cristiano penned a six-year contract at Madrid that will fetch him €237,000 a week in his first year and will increase by 25 percent each following year. Along with that, Ronaldo will be entitled to 60 percent of all his image rights.


Take a look at his contract per week every year after year one. The Euro to American Dollar exchange rate is approx €1 to $1.40; the US dollar amount is on the right below:

Year 2: €296,250/wk||$414,750/wk

Year 3: €370,312/wk||$518,439/wk

Year 4: €462,890/wk||$648,046/wk

Year 5: €578,612/wk||$810,056/wk

Year 6: €723,265/wk||$1,012,571/wk

With Ronaldinho earning about €42,000,000 a year or roughly $59 million in American(found these figures on <>) just in sponsorships and endorsements, it's not hard to assume that Ronaldo would be somewhere in the same ballpark as him.

Say hypothetically, that Ronaldo rakes in €30 million or $42 million American. Since he is going to Madrid now, it is ok to assume that his numbers will certainly increase. For the safer side though, I'll say he will earn €40 million or $56 million/yearly.

If he gets to take 60 percent of those figures, he is making an extra €18 million or $33,600,000 a year to go with his weekly pay, which mind you, is tax free.

Now consider this. Football in Europe is played for almost nine and a half months, going from late August to early/mid May. That's a good 40 weeks out of the year. 

Take a look at his total yearly salary(given 40 weeks worth of football):

Year 2: €11,850,000/yr||$16,590,000/yr

Year 3: €14,812,480/yr||$20,737,560/yr

Year 4: €18,515,600/yr||$25,921,840/yr

Year 5: €23,144,480/yr||$32,402,240/yr

Year 6: €28,930,600/yr||$40,502,840/yr

Those are numbers WITHOUT the sponsor and endorsement bonuses. Here's a look at the totals with bonuses(given the estimate totals):

Year 2: €29,850,000||$50,190,000

Year 3: €32,812,480||$54,337,560

Year 4: €36,515,600||$59,521,840

Year 5: €41,144,480||$66,002,240

Year 6: €46,930,600||$74,102,840

In any country or currency these numbers are RIDICULOUS! All right, enough of the number crunching, onto the humor (NOTE: Starting Small, Getting Bigger and Almost There, are using figures from Year Two):


Starting Small (a little narcissistic; fitting for him)

With the $414,000 from one week, Ronaldo can buy 1,882 pairs of his signature Nike Mercurial Vapor V FG. They run $220 each.

With that same $414K, Ronaldo can buy 4,140 jerseys of himself from the 2009 Champions League Final from World Soccershop.

$414,000 can also fetch Ronaldo 4,447 wallbangers of himself running at $93.10 a pop.


Getting Bigger

The average price in the US costs $212,400 (<>).

With a full week's pay, Cristiano can buy a house in the US AND place a Bentley in front of it. 

Or with that one weeks pay he can buy the Ferrari 599; the same one he crashed back in January, and have somewhere in the neighborhood of $85,000 STILL left over.

Better yet, using his entire second year salary, he can purchase 155 Ferrari 599's. Yes you read that correct, ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-FIVE.

If Cristiano wants to play the role of market hero, he can take his $414,000 from one week and head to Detroit and end up buying approximately 27 houses; property is running as low as $15,000 a house in today's tragic times.


Still Room For Improvement

Taking his entire salary from Year Two, Ronaldo could buy 15 low-end houses in the Hampton's in NY (ironic I know considering what is low-end in the Hampton's) and put a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Maserati of his choice in the driveway.

This would be important for Ronaldo, seeing that his new lady friend (Paris Hilton) is very accustomed and a frequent visitors of the Hampton's.

Or if he's missing home, he can always invest in traditional Portuguese villas throughout Lisbon or Mount Pico. Each runs about $1 million for a piece of beauty.


Almost There

By saving a full years salary, Ronaldo can purchase the Montukod Island off in Malaysia. A private island unknown to most, the 17.2 acres will cost Ronnie a cool $35 million. Pocket change based on his new contract.

When the Taj Mahal was completed, its total cost was $1 million US dollars or 32 million rupee. Given today's change in cost and pricing, if Ronaldo really wanted, he could have his own Taj Mahal built. He's dominated India once, dating India's own Bipasha Bashu for a short stint.


Filthy Rich

Finally, for two last jaw-dropping facts.

If Ronaldo decides to not spend one penny over the next six years, he will have saved roughly €249 million or enough to wipe off more than half of Valencia's €450 million debt.

Or..If he gets bored with playing, he can buy his OWN soccer team. With Newcastle United and West Ham United priced at 100 million pounds each, could we possibly see Cristiano Ronaldo playing the role of Malcolm Glazer or Randy Lerner? Only time can tell.

At the end of the day one must realize. This article is meant to be taking light-heartedly. But the numbers ARE REAL. Only time will tell what Ronaldo chooses to do with his riches.


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