WWE Reportedly Believes Kurt Angle Will Be Back When His TNA Deal Is Up

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJanuary 24, 2014

Will Kurt Angle be back in WWE?
Will Kurt Angle be back in WWE?John Sciulli/Getty Images

Will we see Kurt Angle in WWE again? It seems at least some people in management think so.  

Bryan Alvarez notes in this week's (subscribers-only) F4W Newsletter that people within the company are expecting the Olympic gold medalist to be back in the fold—just not as a wrestler, likely due to his long history of neck issues.

For whatever it's worth, the belief within WWE is that Kurt Angle will return to WWE when his TNA deal is up, but it's very unlikely he'll ever be able to pass the company physical. The word is that he'll likely end up as a trainer for NXT.

Angle worked for WWE from 1999 to 2006, winning numerous titles and even main eventing WrestleMania in 2003.

Soon after his controversial exit in August 2006, he shocked the world by signing with TNA, then a blossoming wrestling company with a seemingly bright future ahead of it.

Angle with his then-wife Karen in 2007.
Angle with his then-wife Karen in 2007.Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

While Angle could never quite overcome the mediocre booking and nonsensical storytelling (who could?), his run with America's No. 2 wrestling promotion has been known mainly for his tremendous matches and willingness to take high-risk—and even rather stupid—bumps.

Others, like Rob Van Dam, Kevin Nash and Booker T may have phoned it in during their time there, but not Angle.

It's not a surprise to think the star will end up back with Vince McMahon eventually.

TNA, as has been well-documented, is in a state of disarray right now. Who knows if the company will be be able to make Angle a decent offer when his contract comes up? Or if it will even want to.

Mickie, no longer with TNA.
Mickie, no longer with TNA.from WWE.com

Numerous high-profile stars, including A.J. Styles, Mickie James and Hulk Hogan, have departed the promotion over the past few months. It's not hard to see Angle being next out the door.

And even if WWE is unwilling to use him as a wrestler, the reasons for wanting him under contract are obvious.

Aside from his aforementioned usefulness as a trainer in developmental, there's also the possibility of the much-longed for Kurt Angle DVD and a Hall of Fame spot in 2015.