You Need to See the 'You've Been Hodged' Photoshop Meme

Ryan Bailey@ryanjaybaileyFeatured ColumnistJanuary 14, 2014

You Need to See the 'You've Been Hodged' Photoshop Meme

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    Internet football memes (or "Internetz footie LOLZ," if you will) are never too far way from Photoshop trickery.

    Take the schadenfreude-tinged Theo Walcott hand gesture, Cristiano Ronaldo's emasculation of Lionel Messi or my own half-baked attempts at welcoming the Argentine back from action last week. 

    Now, Photoshop and the beautiful game have combined in their most disturbing venture yet: You've Been Hodged.

    This new Twitter account simply and expertly puts England manager Roy Hodgson's face on top of the faces of other famous players and managers. 

    As you can see, it's nothing short of genius. Here are some of the best efforts so far...

Luis Suarez

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    If this version of Luis Suarez had bitten Branislav Ivanovic without his dentures in, the whole incident would have been pretty harmless.

Marco Reus and Gael Clichy

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    Here is Borussia Dortmund's Marco Hodgson edging past Gael Hodgson to score the first goal of BvB's 2012 Champions League clash with Manchester City.

    Everyone looks like they're having a fabulous time in the Group of Death, don't they?

Danny Welbeck

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    And here we have the face of a 66-year-old man imposed onto a 23-year-old whom he manages. Nothing creepy about this at all.

Franck Ribery

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    Is it just me, or is this what French actor Vincent Cassel would look like if he were playing Ribery in a biopic?

Tim Sherwood

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    This is either a normal photograph of Tim Sherwood or irrefutable proof that Roy Hodgson is his father. 

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