With The First Pick in the NFL Draft...

Paul SalmanSenior Analyst IApril 22, 2008

The Miami Dolphins take Jake Long. The 2008 draft is under way!

As a fan of the Buffalo Bills, rival AFC East team of the Miami Dolphins, I am very happy with this pick.

As a Penn State fan, I have watched Jake Long in the Big 10 for a few years now.

I know he is a great offensive tackle and will probably be a solid NFL offensive lineman, but probably as a right tackle, which obviously is not the money spot (see my article on left tackles).

This is great news for the AFC East.

The last thing we would need, especially for the Bills since all three division rivals are picking ahead of the their 11th pick, would be to face a guy like Dorsey or Gholston all year round, twice a year.

Most project Dorsey will go before the Jets pick at six, and the same goes for Gholston going to the Pats at seven. There are also some whispers of the Patriots shopping their seventh pick around.

My only concern is Darren McFadden, who may be taken by the Jets at No. 6. With that speed, size, and sheer talent, I would not like to see him on an opposing team in the AFC East.

However, this is not a definite as he may go to Oakland before the Jets are on the clock.

In addition, I have a strong feeling that his character issues will come into play in his career. With all of his ties to gangs and family issues, I just sense that some of those people are waiting for this "jackpot" and will be a bad influence on him.

For his sake, I hope for this not to happen as he is obviously a tremendous talent, however if he is in N.Y. and we have to face him twice a year, I sense a PacMan Jones-type situation on the horizon.

I have been wrong before, but it’s rare.

With that being said, I am pleasantly surprised that Parcells did not go with an impact defensive player who could have wreaked havoc for the other quarterbacks in the division.

Based on his past, Parcells likes to go with the defensive picks early, as he did in Dallas with DeMarcus Ware.

I am also surprised because I guess this means the Dolphins are ready to make John Beck their official starter and are beginning to build an offensive line around him. From the limited action he saw last year, as a Bills fan, I am pleased with that decision as well.

St. Louis Rams, You are on the clock!


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