Spygate: The Truth Behind the Patriots and Their Supposed Cheating

Ryan ColleyCorrespondent IApril 22, 2008

Being a Pats fan for the past 21 years, I know the in and outs of their style and how they operate on a day to day basis.

Bill Belichick, their infamous head coach with three super bowl wins with the Pats, has nothing to fear from the media complaining of possible cheating allegations.

The problem that arises is the constant bantering from coaches, players, and club presidents to force the Patriots to give up all of their super bowl wins.

Here's where they are wrong.

The past three super bowl wins occurred before the allegations even arose and there was never enough evidence to suggest that they had been videotaping games more than the past few games before the tapes were confiscated.

The other interesting facts that arose from this are the fact that coaches change their signals every game (to throw off coaches), and even if the Patriots did know the signals from prior meetings, they would still have to execute the plays to perfection.

Some people will say, "well, it makes it easier to execute a play if you know what it's going to be." My answer to that is the fact that they play the Jets, Dolphins, and Bills more than every other team, so chances are they know a few of their tricks and other plays.

Another issue that arises is the relationship between Eric Mangini, the coach of the Jets, and Bill Belichick.

The two have clashed in the past where Mangini was under Belichick as an assistant coach. Since that point, their relationship has been sour. The point of this is to show the coincidence of the allegations posed against the Patriots when they were playing against the Jets. It's a dead giveaway that Mangini wanted to get back at the Patriots in some way that ended up being a distraction all season.

I would have to say that the distraction failed. Going 18-1 on the season was amazing and a thing of beauty. Losing in the Super Bowl is okay after their great season.

I am just pissed at the media and how they handle sports in general. There are issues of global warming, oil prices, and genocide and they choose to spend more effort on the Patriots and their "Spygate."

I hope that the Patriots come back this season, with a new linebacking core, and prove for every hater out there, that they are the best team in history.