Nickname Ensemble Madness: The New York Giants

Alex MagidCorrespondent IMay 21, 2009

The 2009 New York Giants - An inside look at the roster.

The purpose of this article is to have a little fun with the roster, give the players some nicknames, and say the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the player. So take a look, and give some feedback about what you guys think.

Eli Manning - "Easy E"

Manning is cool, calm, and collected being in the bright lights of New York. No quarterback is better suited for the Giants, as he shows great leadership and is the calming influence in the huddle.

Brandon Jacobs - "The Juggernaut"

What else is there to say about Brandon Jacobs, as he is "The Juggernaut" from the comic book and movie, "X-Men." The Juggernaut is able to run through anything. Does anybody disagree that Brandon Jacobs, is not "The Juggernaut"?

Ahmad Bradshaw - "Thomas the Tank Engine"

Bradshaw is the little engine that could, and will not be denied. Being a 7th round pick out of Marshall, there was question whether or not he would make the team. With his tough running style, matched with his quickness, speed, and elusiveness he will not settle for failure.

Danny Ware - "Water"

On Danny Ware's blog, he said "H2O is one of the most important resources known to man. I transform whenever my environment changes. When it’s hot, I’m in my liquid form and can move through any boundary. When it’s cold I freeze and turn to ice. And once I get rolling, nothing can stop me. If it ever gets too hot, I evaporate, and it’s like I’m running on the clouds. But I never disappear because when it rains, it pours! That’s who I am. Water."

Andre Brown - "The Everything Bagel"

Andre Brown is the everything bagel because he has the entire package. He is big, strong, fast, has good hands, is tough, and a good blocker.

Domenik Hixon - "Gumby"

Hixon is named Gumby because he is lanky. Gumby was known for being adaptable to different situations, as is Hixon. Hixon was the Giants top kick returner for the 2007 season, and then most of the 2008 season. Then he had to step in and become the Giants No. 1 receiver and did what was asked of him.

Steve Smith - "Cha-Ching"

Smith is named cha-ching because he is money on third downs. Manning always looks for Smith when it is time to move the chains, because Smith is a smart player that knows how to find the crease in the defense and find the holes.

Sinorice Moss - "The Little Brother Syndrome"

Moss has always been in the shadow of his older brother, Santana Moss. Santana has set a high standard for his baby brother, but Sinorice has to learn that he is his own person and doesn't have to try to be like his brother.

David Tyree - "Savvy"

Tyree is a savvy player as he was great on special teams. When given the opportunity to play on offense, he always got the job done. Plus, who else can think of pinning the ball against your helmet?

Mario Manningham - "Potential" 

Manningham has the potential to be a great receiver in the NFL, as he is only a year removed from his rookie season. This season, Manningham hopes to take on a bigger role in the Giants offense, and live up to the potential the Giants saw in him.

Hakeem Nicks - "Glue"

Hakeem Nicks has hands of glue. While at the University of North Carolina, they had to custom order Nike gloves, to fit Nicks' hands. He wears a size 4XL glove, so any ball thrown his way, he will come down with.

Ramses Barden - "King Size"

Barden truly is a giant among men, towering over defensive backs. Barden stands 6'6'' and will be a "green zone" threat for the Giants right out of the gates. Barden was named after the Egyptian pharaoh -- as his dad said he wanted "to give him something that would make him feel different and stand out." The 6'6'' Barden sure does stand out on the NFL field, lining up outside on the hash marks.

Kevin Boss - "Bruce"

The famous, Bruce Springsteen, was nicknamed "The Boss." Springsteen was from New Jersey and now Kevin Boss is trying to make a new name for himself.

Travis Beckum - "Chris Cooley Lite"

Beckum is in the mold of Chris Cooley, who is an H-Back for the Washington Redskins. Beckum is going to be used the same way as Cooley is, as he will try to exploit mismatches for the opposing defense.

David Diehl - "Shrek"

Diehl is named Shrek because he is big, lovable, and feared by opposing defensive ends.

Rich Seubert - "Perseverance"

The first thing that comes to mind for Seubert is perseverance because he is back on the field. After an ugly leg injury, where he broke his leg, he has come all the way back and formed into a good, serviceable left guard.

Shaun O'Hara - "Jersey Boy"

O'Hara grew up in New Jersey, and then played his college ball at Rutgers. O'Hara is the center and the most important lineman, as he calls out the audibles at the line of scrimmage to the other lineman, so they all know their assignments.

Chris Snee - "Crawl" (From the movie "Son-In-Law")

Every Giants fan by now knows that Snee is the son-in-law of head coach, Tom Coughlin. Snee has made a name for himself as one of the best guards in the league, especially in the run game.

Kareem McKenzie - "Intellectual"

The Giants offensive lineman like to talk about how McKenzie is always seen with a book in his hand. They say he doesn't actually read the book, but instead wants people to believe he does.

William Beatty - "Raw yet polished"

Beatty is a great athlete, but needs more time to develop as a book end left tackle. However, he is also polished with a great football IQ, and is wiser than his years show.

Justin Tuck - "Big Midget"

Tuck's nickname in the locker room is "Big Midget" because his head looks out of proportion with the rest of his body. Tuck has shed this image in the limelight, as he has become one of the best defensive lineman in the game.

Mathias Kiwanuka - "The Freak"

Kiwi's size and speed is what has earned him the nickname the freak, due to his freakish size and speed. This combination is turning Kiwanuka into a force on one of the best defenses in the league.

Osi Umenyiora - "The Chief"

Osi is named the chief, because in reality he is a chief. On the football field, he is also the chief as he often can do whatever he pleases to the opposing offense.

Chris Canty - "Biggie"

Canty is named biggie, after the rapper, The Notorious B.I.G. Biggie was one of the most influential rappers of all time, as he had a special type of style that no one had seen before. Canty can be the same way on the field, as the Giants plan to use him at defensive tackle and defensive end.

Rocky Bernard - "Plump"

At 6'3'' 308 pounds, Bernard is a massive man in the middle of the Giants defensive line. He will be able to eat up blockers, to enable the linebackers to make the plays in the backfield.

Barry Cofield - "Shamwow"

Cofield is named after the famous product, because he soaks up everything. He can take on multiple blockers, or he can just do it himself, and make the play in the backfield for a loss.

Fred Robbins - "Scary"

Have you ever seen Fred Robbins' head shot on ESPN? He looks how a defensive tackle should look, mean and menacing. At 6'4'' 317 pounds, that is a scary sight for any lineman that has to line up across from him.

Danny Clark - "The Sony"

Sony televisions are known for having a long lifetime, and being very productive. Well that is what Clark is, as he as been around the league for a while, and has been a serviceable linebacker.

Antonio Pierce - "The Sheriff"

Pierce is the sheriff because he is in charge of the defense. It is his responsibility to call out the proper adjustments prior to the snap. Plus, who else could blow an air-horn during an interview?

Michael Boley - "Speed"

Boley is known for his speed and ability to cover sideline to sideline on the football field. There was even some talk about him moving back into the secondary, but look for Boley to be making plays from the weak side line backer position.

Zak DeOssie - "Fortunate"

What other NFL players can talk about winning a Super Bowl their rookie season and then going to the Pro Bowl in his second season? Those are very impressive credentials in his young career.

Chase Blackburn - "Energizer Bunny"

Blackburn has a motor that never stops. Whether it is doing what he is asked on the defensive side of the ball, or on special teams, he has been a very productive Giant and his energy rubs off on teammates.

Clint Sintim - "Legacy"

The Giants have a tradition of always have a great linebacker, and they hope Sintim can carry the torch. Sintim shows a lot of potential, and is going to be used in his rookie season.

Gerris Wilkinson - "Promise"

Wilkinson is a great athlete and shows a lot of promise, just has trouble staying healthy. If he is able to stay healthy, hopefully his promise can turn into production.

Aaron Ross - "Slower than his Wife"

Ross' wife is Olympic gold medalist, Sanya Richards. Richards won gold in the Beijing Olympics. Ross is a great cover corner for the Giants and looks to continue to get better as his career is only getting started.

Corey Webster - "Spiderman"

Webster earns the nickname Spiderman because he is fast, strong, and physical. He didn't realize his potential right away, but now that he is, Webster has become one of the best corners in the NFL.

Terrell Thomas - "Hidden Gem"

A lot of people don't know about Thomas, but it won't be long before he becomes a house hold name. Thomas has great size for a corner and exceptional speed. The more experience he gets, the better he will get. He will be on the field a lot in his second season, having a better feel for the playbook.

Kevin Dockery - "Mighty Mouse"

Dockery may be undersized, but don't under estimate him. He is the perfect No. 3/4 type of corner, as he is able to stay with the slot receivers and has the same type of build as them.

Kenny Phillips - "Heat Seeking Missile"

Phillips is a heat seeking missile because he is always around the play. If it is a run play, Phillips is right in the thick of pile. If it is a pass, there is a good chance he will be right by the ball as he has the speed to play center field in the secondary.

Michael Johnson - "Over Achiever"

Johnson is an over achiever, being drafted out of the 7th round. He doesn't stand out and do anything spectacular, but he does all the little things right and is going to be a great pro.

Jeff Feagles - "Old Man Rivers"

Feagles is a fan favorite, and one of the best punters of all-time. Does age affect him?

Lawrence Tynes - "Pioneer"

Tynes is a ground breaking NFL player, as he is the first Scottish born player in the NFL.

Well, now let the fun begin. Lets hear what you have to say. What nicknames should these Giants have? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the specific player?


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