Love Machine's Guide: Beating The Ducks in Game Seven

Ryan LarimoreContributor IMay 13, 2009

The Detroit Red Wings will be playing in their first game seven since the Western Conference Finals in 2002, when they beat the Colorado Avalanche 7-0 and eventually went on to win the Stanley Cup in five games against the Carolina Hurricanes.

In game six, the Detroit Red Wings couldn't get the bounces necessary to put away the stubborn Ducks, meaning game seven is coming back to the Joe Louis Arena.

So you are probably asking yourself, "Should I be worried?" and "What do the Wings need to do to win a game seven?"

To answer the first question, yes you should be deathly afraid as a Wings fan. Not because the Ducks are a better team, but because the series has come down to one game. The Wings are a few bad bounces, a controversial call, and freak goal away from being eliminated.

So here is what the Wings must do to win game seven:

1. Datsyuk must step it up.

The mild mannered Russian is playing great two way hockey, but has looked frustrated in the offensive end. On the Red Wing's first power play in game six, it didn't look like he wanted anything to do with the puck. Datsyuk makes offense happen, if he is scoring the goals or not, you want the puck in his hands.

2. Stay physical, But play Red Wing hockey.

The cheap shot to Datsyuk at the end of game six has Red Wing fans fuming, but the Red Wings have to stick to what they do best. Forget about the elbow from Niedermayer unless it is 4-0 in the third period, and put the pedal to the medal.

3. Start like they finish.

The Wings have had problem showing up to the rink on time. Like many of the cars made in Detroit prior to 1990, the Wings take a few swift kicks to the engine, and a key turned at the perfect angle to get going.

In every game so far the Ducks have come out with more jump, and more desire. Then about half way through the game, the Red Wings finally get out of their first gear, and have to turn on the after burners. 

4. Traffic.

Traffic is the worst enemy of three things in this world: Goalies, Ducks, and Children, and  Anaheim is two of those things. The Wings have done a good job of getting traffic, but they didn't get enough shots through to the net in game six. More shots will have to come from out side of the circles, and on funny angles.

The Red Wings have already shown they are the better team in this series, and in game seven they will only have to battle with Duck luck.

If the Wings do what is stated above, then look for my Series Preview on Blackhawks vs. Red Wings. If they stray from my guide, then look for my Detroit Lions season preview.

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