Bubble Watch for St. Louis Rams Training Camp

Steven Gerwel@Steve_GerFeatured Columnist IVJuly 20, 2013

Bubble Watch for St. Louis Rams Training Camp

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    When players enter an NFL training camp, it's common knowledge that they aren't all equal—some players are guaranteed roster spots, while others have no chance whatsoever of making the squad. 

    There's a third category as well, which involves players who have a shot at making the team, but it's no guarantee either. 

    We refer the these players as "On the bubble."

    For the St. Louis Rams, here are five of the more notable "bubble" players entering camp this season. 

Terrance Ganaway, Running Back

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    Experience: Second NFL Season

    Depth Chart Position: No. 4 Running Back

    Terrance Ganaway was a sixth-round pick of the New York Jets in 2012 and was released by the team midseason, which allowed the Rams to claim him off waivers. 

    Ganaway did not carry the ball once for the Rams in 2012, but he did appear on special teams. 

    As of now, Ganaway is penciled in as the team's fourth running back, and at 240 pounds, he's expected to be utilized on short-yard and goal-line situations. 

    However, Ganaway's job as the fourth back is far from guaranteed. 

    Rookie Benny Cunningham is a small-school star out of Middle Tennessee and will be hunting for his job. 

    Also in the mix is Chase Reynolds, who has experience with the team and offers more value as a special teams star. 

    In order to make the team, Ganaway will need to prove that he can run between the tackles. He needs to make the coaching staff believe that he's the only viable goal-line runner on the team. 

Tim Barnes, Center

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    Experience: Second NFL Season

    Depth Chart Position: No. 2 Center

    Tim Barnes is a hometown favorite out of the University of Missouri, but he'll have a tough time making the roster in 2013. 

    The team drafted Barrett Jones in the fourth round last spring, and Jones will likely win the job as the team's backup center behind Scott Wells. 

    Jones has a great advantage over Barnes in that he can play any position on the line, whereas Barnes is only good as a backup center. 

    If Barnes wants to make the squad, he needs to show that he's a better center than Jones. Otherwise he needs to learn how to play guard, making him more versatile. 

Matt Daniels, Safety

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    Experience: Second NFL Season

    Depth Chart Position: No. 5 Safety

    Matt Daniels was a standout football player at Duke, but he went undrafted in the 2012 draft and was signed by the Rams as an undrafted free agent. 

    Daniels was able to make the roster last season, but injuries kept him off the field for a good portion of the season. 

    This year, Daniels will have to once again win a job on the roster. Nothing will be handed to him. 

    Undrafted Cody Davis is talented and hungry, and he'll be gunning for Daniels' job. 

    If Daniels wants to make the roster, he'll have to beat Davis in a head-to-head competition, which won't be easy. 

Sammy Brown, Linebacker

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    Experience: Second NFL Season

    Depth Chart Position: No. 4 Outside Linebacker

    Sammy Brown was signed last season as an undrafted free agent. He was actually one of the more dominant defenders in all of college football in 2011, but he still went undrafted. 

    Brown was a devastating force for the University of Houston. He lived in the offense's backfield after recording 13.5 sacks and 30 tackles for a loss as a senior, which generated a lot of hype. 

    Brown made the team last season and Rams fans are hoping he'll eventually develop into something special, but he'll have to make the roster all over again. 

    If Brown wants to make the final roster, he'll have to outplay his former University of Houston teammate Phillip Steward, who's an equally talented pass-rusher. 

    Also, he'll have to beat out Ray-Ray Armstrong—a former safety out of the University of Miami—who's an extremely talented athlete. 

Kellen Clemens, Quarterback

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    Experience: Eighth NFL Season

    Depth Chart Position: No. 3 Quarterback 

    Quarterback Kellen Clemens has been the No. 2 in St. Louis for the past two seasons, but second-year pro Austin Davis of Ole Miss is expected to unseat him as the top backup. 

    Clemens has seen plenty of NFL action and the coaches already know what he's made of, so there's little he can do on the practice field to win the No. 2 job. 

    Clemens' fate will be determined by whether or not the coaches decide to keep three quarterbacks. 

    Clemens is a veteran, so the coaches may decide they want him on the sidelines on Sunday. Or, they may feel that the team has bigger needs than a third quarterback.