Mindfield Blows Skaters Away

Zac HerrContributor IMay 6, 2009

Movies. They make us laugh, cry, and sometimes they can even change our opinion on many different subjects. In most cases, this happens when a new director or a producer decides on something new to try in a movie.


These movie traits barely ever happen in skateboard movies and videos, but in this occasion, it happened. Recently, skateboard company Alien Workshop, a skateboard distributor in California, released their latest video, Mindfield. In past years, their movies have been very good and embraced by the skateboard community.

Mindfield is a skateboard video that was released on Feb. 23, 2009. The video featured the skateboard brand’s team of professional and amateur skaters. All the parts had a specific song, and intro to the part of the skater that they represented.


Many different genres of skateboarding are in the video, making it very relatable to skaters all over the world. Local skaters in Farmington Hills seem to be enjoying it just as much as the world.

“The skating was very good” said local skater Garret McDevitt, who has been skating since the eighth grade, 18 “it will probably become a skater’s favorite video for these reasons.”


Mindfield was received well by skateboarders because the skateboarding was the focus, and there were no gimmicks or weird things in the video. This is what skateboarding needed and Mindfield delivered.


To make a good skateboard video, the editing is also a key factor. Many good videos in the past weren’t just amazing skateboarders doing crazy tricks over and over. The editing must be effective and on point to make a good video, everything must come together and flow.


The skater’s around Michigan realize this, “good editing makes a good video” says Bryan Abat, 18. “I hate when a good company makes terrible editing mistakes on a video Alien did it right.” Many companies will hype up videos doing ads and then finally it comes out and is nothing you expected it to be.


In a movie so advanced and technical as Mindfield, it is hard to pick favorites. Some people think that music is key, for some it’s about the tricks in general, and for a very fear it’s about editing and how the part flows.


McDevitt claims that “Tyler Bledsoe was super sick” he paused “everything he did was super technical and he definitely delivered!” Garret believes that tricks should make your part and everything else will just fall into place, the music and the editing.


On the other hand for some it’s about everything just reflecting on somebody’s personality rather than whatever they do on a skateboard. “Arto Saari, because the way his part fell together” says Bryan Abat, 18.


“The music, editing, the tricks, everything. My favorite part for sure!” Sometimes everything you do on your board reflects on your personality, rather than what someone thinks your part should look like.




Alien workshop’s Mindfield is available at local skate shops nation wide and also online at www.alienworkshop.com. The video is a great buy at $24.99, which is a low cost compared to skate videos of the past. Skateboarding is on a decline right now and Mindfield has definitely made a good attempt at bringing it out of the clouds. Go pick up a copy and enjoy!


If don't want to by the video, go onto YouTube and search Mindfield.