Dad's Perfect 'Rocky' Impression

By Sean Fay (Photo: YouTube)

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    Sports Movies' Real MVPs

    by Amber Lee

    In May 2014, Thunder superstar and all-around likable human being Kevin Durant won the NBA’s MVP award for the first time in his career. Overcome with emotion, he was unable to hold back tears durin... Read More »

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    Cast of D2 Celebrates Anniversary

    by Kyle Newport

    It's hard to believe that it has been 20 years since D2: The Mighty Ducks came out. Thankfully, the cast of the movie reunited and helped us feel young again while celebrating the film's 20th anniv... Read More »

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     25 Great Quotes from Bad Sports Movies

    by Amber Lee

    Great sports movies are a very rich source of memorable quotes. From the inspirational to the comic relief, classics like Major League, The Mighty Ducks and Varsity Blues remain endlessly quotable eve... Read More »

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    Forrest Gump: The Ultimate Sports Movie

    by Nick Dimengo

    "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get." Assuming that you're old enough to write your name, you've probably heard this quote a number of times, knowing that it come... Read More »

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    Must-See Sports Movies from Before Your Time

    by Nick Dimengo

    We all typically mention Rudy , The Mighty Ducks trilogy and Happy Gilmore as some of our favorite sports movies, but that doesn't mean that they're the greatest ones ever made... Read More »