Chicago Bears Fans Dream Big, Demand Braylon Edwards from Cleveland Browns

Dustin RoederCorrespondent IMay 6, 2009

CLEVELAND - DECEMBER 21: Braylon Edwards #17 of the Cleveland Browns reaches for a first quarter first down over Jamar Fletcher #25 of the Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns Stadium December 21, 2008 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

There have been a few articles with Braylon Edwards trade ideas for George Kokinis and Jerry Angelo, the GMs for the Browns and Bears respectively. The articles that are getting the most play call for a few different scenarios.

Scenario one is presented by TAB BAMFORD. In his article, he wants the Browns to dump Edwards for a bag of doughnuts. The doughnuts are known as Alex Brown, Nathan Vasher, and a fifth-round choice.

I don't believe that the Browns would do this unless they believe Brown can play the "five technique" (I'm going with no) and Vasher is the answer at corner, like a Ken Lucas (also a no). If the Bears were to add a second-round pick, they may consider it.

Scenario two comes to us by way of Cory Holibaugh. His article comes as a response to Tab's article. He proposed the Bears trade CB Corey Graham, LB Mark Anderson, and OT Chris Williams, plus a third and fifth-round choice.

Cory's proposal seems more ludicrous than Tab's. Teams are not usually going to give up five young players to get another young player. The Vikings did it for Herschel Walker, but that was more like 15 players. Without their first rounder next year, the Bears can't afford to give that much up.

Scenario three is all me. First off, I'm neither a Bears nor a Browns fan. I love trade fodder, though, and will speculate all day long. Eric Mangini and Kokinis want "their players." These players need to be drafted by Mangini or have played for him before in either New York or New England.

While there may be some players on the Bears roster that Mangini covets, the Bears will value them even more.

The Browns have been demanding a first and third for Braylon. If the Bears were to meet those exact demands, they could offer a 2011 first rounder and a 2010 third rounder. However, the Browns will not accept that.

So Angelo goes to the drawing board and offers up his 2010 second and third rounders, plus a 2011 third rounder.

In case no one's noticed, Angelo doesn't have many guys on his team that he has not drafted. The guys that have played somewhere else were either traded for (Jay Cutler and Adewale Ogunleye) or were young guys brought in for competition after their previous team decided to not to re-sign them (Josh Bullocks).

Mangini did that with the Jets, and he is doing that with the Browns. The cheat did that in New England. Jimmy Johnson did it with the Cowboys in the early '90s and again with the Dolphins (Dan Marino excluded).

McCoach is doing it with the Broncos, Mike Smith did it with the Falcons, and Bill Parcells is doing it with the Dolphins. Raheem Morris is doing it with the Bucs. Tony Dungy did it with the Bucs. Jon Gruden did it with the Raiders. Sean Payton with the Saints.

It's an NFL trend. Coaches want their guys for their system. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Other times, it's best to follow the status quo. It has worked for the Steelers for decades. It will probably work for another decade too.

Look at the Bears' roster; it's full of Angelo and Lovie Smith's guys.


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