Virtual Message in a Bottle from NW Spain

Wendy YoungCorrespondent IMay 5, 2009

This is an interesting letter that hit my inbox early in April 2009. I have to admit I thought it might be a fake letter at first, but once I read it through, I realized it was genuine and worthy!

We are writing you from the Communication Department of Vigo Rugby Club, in an industrial sea city from the NW of Spain. We would like to send you the press release about an initiative carried out by the infantile categories of the Club.

The children have written a letter to the ex player Jonah Lomu (an idol for them), in order to explain to him the difficulties they have to face to play rugby, because of the lack of sponsors and the fact of being a minority sport in Spain.

What is striking about this initiative is that they try to send this message in a bottle, through the six degrees separation theory. This theory holds that we are connected to any person in the world through a chain of six interpersonal acquaintances.

The children are not asking for financing, but the support of one of their most admired idols.

We send you their letter, some images of the team, and we also enclose press clipping from Spanish newspapers that are already following this initiative.

Our first degree, Joe Scully (ex Irish Malahide player), currently living in Vigo, departed with the bottle to Ireland looking for the second degree.

If you need more information, do not hesitate in getting in touch wih us.

View their virtual message in a bottle here.

Best Regards,
Nicolás Murillo

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