WWE Breaking News: Matt Striker Leaving WWE, Contract Not Being Renewed

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WWE Breaking News: Matt Striker Leaving WWE, Contract Not Being Renewed

Former WWE wrestler, announcer and host Matt Striker confirmed today via Twitter that his contract will not be renewed. As of recent, we have mostly seen him doing backstage interviews during WWE Raw, as well as hosting WWE After Burn to the international audience in 2012.

After appearing on ROH, 3PW and Pro Wrestling Zero1 in Japan, among many other independent promotions, Matt Striker debuted in the WWE in 2005 wrestling as Matt Martel on an episode of SmackDown against Kurt Angle in one of his Kurt Angle Invitational matches.

Striker impressing the crowd and the executives backstage, coupled with his mainstream attention of appearing in the WWE when scheduled to fulfill his duties as a teacher, led him to another match against Angle on an episode of Raw a few months later.

When Striker gained popularity, he became a heel and developed a pompous teacher gimmick, similar to Dean Douglas in the mid-1990s. Striker initially received marginal success, mainly involving himself in a feuds with Eugene and Carlito.

Striker received a higher level of success when he joined the ECW brand in 2006. Not only was he a part of the New Breed stable that led to a match at WrestleMania 23 against the ECW Originals, but he later became the manager of a completely overhauled Viscera, who changed his name to Big Daddy V.

Striker then became an announcer for ECW and SmackDown, with his greatest achievements being announcing at WrestleMania XXVI and Royal Rumble 2011.

And who can forget about the legitimate "mark out moment" exhibited by Striker when Booker T was a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble? Classic.

WWE.com had a very simple comment about Striker's release:

"WWE wishes him the best in all his future endeavors."

Striker expressed his feelings about his release via Twitter, stating:

Matt Striker was a great contribution to the WWE team, and many times he showed his zeal and appreciation for the opportunity given to him. With the recent release of Todd Keneley from the TNA announce team, Striker would make a perfect fit.


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