Superfans Have Launched Denver Broncos Booster Club

Jon Heath@ IJune 7, 2013

Shadd Ring and Tom Jackson at an Alumni Golf Tournament (photo courtesy of
Shadd Ring and Tom Jackson at an Alumni Golf Tournament (photo courtesy of

And you thought you were a big Denver Broncos fan.

Shadd Ring, a Denver Broncos superfan and the founder of, launched a booster club for the Broncos last week, a club that is not directly affiliated with the team but endorsed by many former players.

"We wanted to help support two nonprofit organizations (Denver Broncos Alumni Association and the Denver Broncos Quarterback Club) that routinely give back to the community and love the Broncos as much as we do at," Ring told Bleacher Report on Friday.

Bronco Planet is a Web-based show which features Shadd and his partner Danny and covers the Broncos during the season and throughout the summer when charities and fundraisers are at their peak—which is what the booster club will focus on.

"As founders of Bronco Planet, we have covered every charity event in Denver and provided videos and photos to those charity organization for free.  We figure if they are helping others we should help them. Same concept for the Denver Broncos Booster Club. Forget yourself and get to work helping others," continued Ring.

Fans can join the club at its website. According to their website, the "club’s purpose is to support for the Denver Broncos, former players, fellow fans, and those in the community with special needs."

Access to the club's 2013 "Season Pass" can be achieved through a $20 tax deductible donations, which will support the Alumni Association, Quarterback Club and will ultimately benefit charities including the Eddie McCaffrey Dare to Play Football Camp—an organization that supports those with Down syndrome.

Some of the highlights of the Season Pass include alumni interviews, exclusive event photos, and training camp reports and weekly prizes during the regular season.

A "Season Pass Plus" donation of $50 automatically enters the new club member for a chance to win a trick to the 2014 Broncos Alumni Golf Tournament and a membership pass to get into alumni events—among many other special privileges, including everything in the Season Pass.

For more on the club and how you can join, visit