Redskins' Roster Review: Breaking Down RG3 and Washington's Other Quarterbacks

Dilan AmesCorrespondent IMay 28, 2013

Courtesy of Getty Images
Courtesy of Getty Images

The Washington Redskins are in a great position when it comes to quarterback. They have the face of their franchise in Robert Griffin III and a more-than-reliable backup in Kirk Cousins

They also brought in Pat White this offseason and still have Rex Grossman on the roster. Their allegiance to Grossman is strictly as a third-string veteran to keep around and help polish the young guns they have, although Grossman isn’t exactly an ideal mentor. 

White’s presence on the roster is a little less clear; there are a few theories as to why he was signed. 

Some think it was to keep the division-rival New York Giants from signing him to mimic RG3’s athleticism, while others believe he’s a better fit for the read-option than Cousins. 

Regardless of the reason, a position that was one of the weakest on the Redskins roster a couple of years ago now has solid depth.


The Good

The obvious good here is Griffin III. He is one of the fastest rising stars of the NFL, and if it weren’t for an untimely injury, who knows where the Redskins would’ve ended up last season. 

As long as he stays healthy, the Redskins are very much a playoff team. Although you can’t throw the entire success or failure of a team on a player’s shoulders, we have seen guys impact their team that much. Just look at what Peyton Manning did in all his years with the Colts

Overall it was a pretty decent squad, but Manning took them to the next level and beyond, making them perennial contenders. Regardless of his playoff record, they were always in the mix at least. 

To find the rest of the good at Washington’s quarterback position, you don’t need to look further than the next guy on the depth chart, Mr. Cousins. He came up big in an overtime win against the Ravens and also displayed great ability against the Browns late in the season. 

If RG3 does finish up the season without a hitch, then we could very well see Washington’s front office shopping Cousins’ services to quarterback-needy teams throughout the league, whether it’s the smart thing to do or not.


The Bad

It’s barely believable that Grossman’s nickname was once Sexy Rexy, but alas, it was. However, that was then and this is now, and we are WAY past Super Bowl XLI. 

Grossman was handed the keys to the franchise a few years ago and never really did much. He showed some promise in the beginning of the 2011 season but eventually fizzled out and lost the job to John Beck, an equally unimpressive candidate. 

With that era now thankfully and mercifully over, there are much bigger and better things at quarterback for Washington. Hard to see Grossman making the roster after 2013.


The Ugly

In college, White was one of the most electric guys on the field for the Mountaineers. He was drafted in the second round by the Miami Dolphins to run the Wildcat and to be their quarterback of the future. 

Well, that’s not exactly how things went down. 

White showed some promise as a runner but has never completed a pass in the NFL. He’s rushed for only 81 rushing yards on 21 attempts and zero touchdowns. 

A nasty head injury seemingly ended White’s pro football career, but he is back from the grave to once again underachieve. You can blame the system or the coaches for White’s lack of success all you’d like, but there’s not a whole lot to like about a guy who's been out of football for a few years and was never really that effective when he did play.

It’s evident that Washington’s quarterback situation is top heavy with talent, but the talent level drops dramatically as you look down the depth chart. As long as RG3 is healthy, the Redskins have nothing to worry about. But given his recent injury history, there is some concern. 

Regardless, there is enough confidence in Cousins that, no matter what happens, Washington will be okay.