Curtis Axel: 5 Better Choices for Paul Heyman's Newest Client

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Curtis Axel: 5 Better Choices for Paul Heyman's Newest Client
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Curtis Axel is the newest Paul Heyman project.

And there’s no doubt that Heyman can help make almost anyone a star. Just in his time in WWE, he’s helped Brock Lesnar, The Big Show and CM Punk reach new heights of fame. 

Look at his time in ECW and you can see the man can work near miracles.

The question WWE has to ask itself, though, is: Will Axel be Heyman’s next Lesnar or his next Heidenreich?

It’s far too early to declare this a failure, but Axel’s first two weeks haven't been too encouraging. HHH wasted no time treating him like a child and hogging the spotlight for himself. Then, during his match with John Cena, a brawl in the crowd got more heat than their in-ring action.

That doesn't mean he won't be a star, but things aren't off to a hot start.

Axel, the former Michael McGillicutty, hasn’t shown a clear sign of an “it” factor that guys like The Rock, Steve Austin or his father, Mr. Perfect, had in spades. He's a former Tag Team champion, after all, so this isn't our first look at him.

Actually, McGillicutty is perhaps most notorious for cutting one of the worst promos of all time with this gem.

While Axel may not end up being a bad choice as Paul Heyman’s next client, here are five better ones to have a chance at success:

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