TRIPLE H: Why The Game Is Pedigreeing His Own Legacy

MR. MARKCorrespondent IApril 28, 2009

Triple H has truly become the Hillary Clinton of the WWE. As one of The Game's most loyal fans for the past decade, I have heard it all as to why HHH "sucks".

Now many of you have followed Triple H far longer than I have, and many of you have followed him for less, but I'm curious as to how many of Triple H's strongest fans are starting to turn on him.

I for one, am.

Now this is not a piece on Triple H's career, nor is it one regarding how The Game became one of the most successful superstars in the business. (Whether you acclaim his success to hard work, luck, or giving Steph the business, you can't deny the fact that he has achieved success)

These are words regarding how Triple H is destroying his own legacy, right before our very eyes.

I think one thing that all WWE (and WWF) fans are guilty of, is paying too much attention to what happened in the past, and lazily paying attention as to what is happening right now.

Ten years from now, we could all pin point this time frame as where The Game destroyed all that he has worked for.

Unlike other hardcore HHH fans, I truly enjoyed Evolution. I even loved his feud with Eugene. I couldn't help myself but love it when Triple H and HBK had their DX summer of pre-teen humor and gayness, doing their best John Cena impressions to get loved by all the women and little kids. (and being hated by the male fans of the Attitude Era)

Listen I'm all up for that, but Triple H needs to realize that he is feeding his ego, at the sacrifice of all that he has worked for in the past.

His legacy.

It all started after he came back at Summerslam. It was great when a slimmer and smaller Game came out before the crowd at New Jersey, but little did I know what was to come.

Triple H shortly after buried King Booker, and later Carlito. No problems so far. However at No Mercy, Triple H had his infamous three match night. The Game would defeat Randy Orton for the WWE Championship, defeat Umaga, and later loose the WWE Championship in a last man standing match back to Orton.

Believe it or not, I really didn't have a problem with this concept. (Although these types of gimmicks should be used very sparingly, as this is why the titles mean nothing these days)

It's in the way it was executed. Triple H rolled Orton for the win, fine. But later, Triple H simply buried Umaga to retain his championship. He needed to feed his ego, and utterly destroy arguably what could have been one of the best heels in the business right now. (Oh, what could have been)

Fast forward to Wrestlemania XXIV. In my eyes, the WWE creative team did right by letting Orton crawl away as the champion. It did so much for Orton's career, and Cena and HHH who were already established, didn't need the belt as much as Orton. I really thought it was a great match, and while a definite notch below Undertaker vs HBK this past Wrestlemania, I really believe this match doesn't get the credit it deserves.

Of course when the WWE actually did something right, Triple H had to come ruin things again. He squashed Orton, Cena, and JBL at Backlash to become the new champion.

I never liked it when the WWE did this, as I believe Orton should have dropped the belt a couple PPVs before Summerslam at the earliest. Orton could have crawled out of Backlash in some cheap finish, yet HHH had to come and dominate things again. (Sigh)What was the point of winning at 'Mania if the champion is simply going to drop the belt at a lesser PPV in less than a month.

(This was why Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit's title runs were so memorable, and the reason why at that time, the titles meant something.)

From here, The Game would go on to destroy Orton at Judgement Day at a steel cage match, and then defeat Orton again (and injure him) at One Night Stand in a Last Man Standing match. Triple H completely destroyed what I believe could be the best heel of all time when all is said and done. Orton was officially done and shelved, not just from a physical standpoint, but from a storyline standpoint as well.

From here, Triple H would go on to destroy another rising star, which at one point was the most over talent the WWE had.

Jeff Hardy.

After defeating the John Cena at Night of Champions, Edge at Great American Bash, The Great Khali at Summerslam, HHH would kill the Hardy hype machine.

Three times in a row.

Jeff Hardy is at the moment, nothing more than another (although a highly polished one) wasted talent. I'm talking about his career from 2008 and on. He was without a doubt, the most over talent that needed to be utilized early in the middle of 2008. However, Triple H buried him twice at No Mercy 08 and Cyber Sunday 08.

Finally at Armageddon, Hardy won his title. But because of whatever combination of the WWE Creative Team, Vince, and HHH's ego, it was too little too late. Hardy was never used properly.

(If you can remember, his title reign was nothing more than one of a glorified transitional champ)

At last, after lurking behind Chris Jericho's well deserved title reign on Raw, Randy Orton would eventually build himself up as once again the greatest heel in the WWE.

The build towards the 25th Anniversary of 'Mania for Orton had high moments, and low moments. (Shane's lackluster in ring performance dismantling the top heel in the WWE at Now Way Out?)

Finally, it was HHH vs. Orton. Two of the best heels the business ever had, going toe to toe. What we have all been waiting for, the grandest stage of them all.

And what happens?

HHH utterly buries and dismantle's Orton for the last 7 minutes of the match. Triple H had to satisfy his own ego, and once again erase what took Orton a solid year to rebuild himself for.

Don't get me wrong, it's not the fact that Orton lost. It's HOW HE LOST. The reason the Taker VS HBK match was memorable, was because you really had no idea who would win. (Yes, we knew Undertaker was going to win it, but I mean in an emotional sense, watching it live) How memorable would the match have been if Undertaker slapped Michaels for the last seven minutes?

Many of you might of caught Ryan Michael's great article recently.


But I just can't rejoice the way he does. It is no secret that Orton has a fairly large fanbase. How great would it have been if the match ended the way the Taker and HBK match ended?

The Game needs to realize that wins and titles mean nothing in the WWE. Out of all people, I would expect someone with so much influence to at least understand that.

But no, because Triple H's own ego had to ruin it all. Again. For the second time. Or third.

This is why The Game is Pedigreeing his own legacy.


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