Triple H's Demise Brought Fourth the Sweetest Justice in WWE History

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIApril 27, 2009

The Age of Orton is back, only this time the man who holds the WWE Championship is far more powerful than he ever has been.

The tale of Randy Orton's date with destiny had been a long and storied one. For every up and down the Legend Killer experienced over these past few months finally culminated in the re-birth of a living legend.

Randy Orton went from being the top guy in the wrestling industry prior to Backlash and evolved into something much more.

Say what you will about him hiding behind Rhodes and DiBiase. Say what you will about him only striking at the most opportune moments. The various forms of unfounded criticism that have been directed at Orton lack foundation and a proper comprehension of character-roles as they are played out in this profession.

Randy Orton is the best heel I have ever seen, and it doesn't matter if he's the guy your so sick of seeing that you boo the hell out of him and it doesn't matter if he's the cocky punk with entrance music so addictive that you can't help but cheer for him.

Randy Orton is a unique character who is not bound my the stereotypical roles for which many of the WWE's finest must adhere to.

Triple H was going to lose his WWE Championship at some point for not even the Cerebral Assassin could outlast evolution.

The better man won at Backlash last night, but it wasn't so much his victory that brought fourth the sweetest form of justice.

Coming into the event, Triple H was the good-guy who we were all supposed to love, and the WWE did everything they could to encourage the fans to hate Randy Orton.

Yet when the time came, the people turned on the man they were supposed to love.

Be it because they saw the logic within the storyline, the fact that Randy Orton was driven by revenge after it was he who was first betrayed by Triple H. Be it because the fans could not help but support the man of the moment. Or be it because the people were smart enough to appreciate greatness as it was born before him.

Regardless of the motive, the people betrayed the noble Triple H and supported the evil evolution of Sports Entertainment during a time when Triple H needed anyone reliable to back him up because he sure wasn't going to get it from his teammates.

Re-play your DVR, look it up on YouTube, do whatever you must to re-live the intensity of last night's WWE Championship match.

By the conclusion of the match, Triple H's people embraced Randy Orton so much that they were thrilled beyond words to see his head separated from his shoulders. As a Triple H lied in the ring as a broken and unconscious man, the fans began to sing "Na na na na, Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye" in joy as Triple H was strapped to a stretcher and taken out of the arena.

Last night marked the dawn of a new era and whether you like it or not, the Age or Orton has been re-born.