The 20 Most Hilariously Bad Teams in Sports

Nick DimengoFeatured ColumnistApril 21, 2013

The 20 Most Hilariously Bad Teams in Sports

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    As a Cleveland sports fan, it's hard to admit that we're part of a rare group of people who go into each season with absolutely zero expectations.

    Without a pro title since 1964, most fans from Northeast Ohio join in that sorrow.

    Fortunately for us—but maybe not others—we aren't the only fans who go through it with every season.

    Here are some other sports teams that are just hilariously bad.

20. Cleveland Sports

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    For so many terrible reasons, it sucks to be a Cleveland sports fan.

    Growing up near the city, we honestly just couldn't single out one of our favorite franchises to "acknowledge" as being hilariously bad.

    Consider this: After the Cavaliers canned Byron Scott the other day after three seasons, Terry Francona is the longest tenured head coach of the three major sports in the town—and he was hired on October 6, 2012.

19. 2009-10 New Jersey Nets

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    OK, so the Nets were clearly bad by the end of the season—when they finished with a paltry 12-70 record during the season—but considering they set an NBA record by losing their first 18 games to begin the season, it was a complete mess from the start.

    It's no wonder the state of Jersey wanted to ship them off to Brooklyn!

18. 1993-Present Pittsburgh Pirates

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    Want to know something that's really sad if you're a Pirates fan?

    A kid who is already in college has never seen in their lifetime a single season of the franchise winning more games than it lost.

    With 19-straight sub-.500 seasons, Pirates fans can only hope this miserable streak ends soon.

17. 1992-93 Dallas Mavericks

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    Before the Mavs franchise had brash billionaire owner Mark Cuban calling the shots and a 12-year run to the postseason, which just ended this year, they were continuously a laughingstock of the league.

    While they had bad seasons throughout the '90s, their 1992-93 effort was absolutely atrocious.

    Finishing with a 11-71 record, the squad set a NBA record for the second-fewest wins in a season (since tied by the 1997-98 Denver Nuggets).

16. 2007-08 New Jersey Institute of Technology Basketball

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    The team went winless through the entire 2007-08 season by going 0-29.

    That alone is enough to get mentioned here.

    But when you dig deeper and see they actually lost 51-straight games in the 2009 season, surpassing Sacramento State's then record of most consecutive losses, it's a little more comical.

15. 1983-1988 Columbia Football

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    Like many Ivy League schools, Columbia's not exactly looked at as a powerhouse among gridiron teams.

    But not even the smarty pants coeds who go there would think the Columbia Lions could suffer as much as they did during the mid-to-late-'80s, losing 44-straight games over that span—the second longest streak ever.

    It's no wonder that fans rushed the field and ripped down the goal posts once the Lions finally ended the streak.

14. 1998 Washington Mystics

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    With the WNBA announcing that Washington would have a team to call its own, there was plenty of excitement in 1998 in the nation's capital—and it wasn't about the upcoming election that year.

    But after the Washington Mystics went just 3-27 in their inaugural season, which included 11 losses in a row, people started focusing on what was going on in the polls more than on the court.

13. 1974-75 Washington Capitals

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    Most sports fans know that consistently winning on the road is what separates playoff teams from championship-level teams.

    Unfortunately for the Washington Capitals in the mid-'70s, they were neither one of those teams.

    After losing all but one of their 40 road games, the expansion team proved with an 8-67-5 overall record that there was still some work to be done in order to compete with other NHL teams.

12. 2010-11 Cleveland Cavaliers

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    After losing LeBron James to the Miami Heat in the offseason, there wasn't much left in the cupboard on the Cavaliers roster.

    But even without "The King," fans didn't think the season would be as bad as it turned out.

    Not only did the team finish with an abysmal 19-63 record, but it set a new NBA mark for most consecutive losses at 26.

    The only good coming out of the season was landing the No. 1 overall pick to take current point guard Kyrie Irving.

11. 2007-08 Derby County F.C.

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    After getting bumped back up to the Premier League following a 1-0 win over West Bromwich Albion in 2007, fans were joyous to be playing amongst the big clubs again.

    Their reward for playing in the EPL? How about 32 league games without a victory and an overall record of one win, eight draws and 29 losses.

    The club was so bad that they were the first Premiership team to be eliminated in March—with six matches still on their schedule.

10. 2001 Carolina Panthers

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    Former quarterback Chris Weinke may have won the Heisman Trophy while helping lead the Florida State Seminoles to a national title in 1999, but that success definitely didn't carry over to the pros.

    After defeating the Minnesota Vikings in Week 1, the Panthers went on to lose their next 15 games to finish at 1-15 that season.

    They did get the No. 2 pick that year, selecting defensive end Julius Peppers, so there was at least something to hang their hats on.

9. 2012 Houston Astros

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    The 162-game baseball season is an absolute grind.

    Forced to play multiple games in different cities over a six-month span can really take a toll on players, testing their resolve and patience.

    Unfortunately for the 2012 Houston Astros, they had to actually sit through an entire season.

    After having a 32-47 record on July 1, they went on to only win 23 more games over the following three months to finish with a 55-107 record for the season.

8. 1986-87 Los Angeles Clippers

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    Before the excitement of "Lob City" featuring Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and the boys, the Los Angeles Clippers were never really that relevant.

    Never was that proven more than in 1986-87, when the team went just 12-70 on the season, finishing dead last in the league in both putting the ball in the basket and defending the other team from putting the ball in the basket.

7. 1980-81 Winnipeg Jets

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    Yes, the team finished with a laugher of a season by going 9-57-14, but they make it this high for setting an NHL record by not recording a point in 30 consecutive games, going 0-23-7 in that span.

    In an 80-game season, anytime a team goes pointless in nearly 40% of its games, it's never going to end well—and the Jets proved that.

6. 2003 Detroit Tigers

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    On a positive note, by winning on the last day of the regular season, the Detroit Tigers did avoid becoming the worst team in a single season in Major League history.

    Considering the team finished the season with a 43-119 record, is anyone surprised that avoiding that record is the only thing that this team could feel good about?

5. 1989-1998 Prairie View A&M Football

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    If you're familiar with Prairie View A&M at all—and we doubt you are—it might be surprising to see them on this list since they won five national black college titles from 1953-1964.

    Unfortunately, for the once proud Panther program, they were almost allergic to winning for nearly 10 years.

    In a record most likely to never be broken, the team lost 80-straight games and scored only 48 points all year in 1991, while giving up an average of 56 in their contests.

4. 1976-77 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Any football fan knows the futility of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when they first entered the NFL back in 1976.

    Not only did the creamsicle-clad team go winless in their inaugural season at 0-14—getting shutout five times and boasting a scoring average of less than 10 per game—but they continued to disappoint by losing their first 12 games in the 1977 season.

    26-straight losses to begin a franchise history is strongly advised against.

3. 2011-12 Charlotte Bobcats

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    With the Charlotte Bobcats setting an NBA record for the worst winning percentage in league history, every bad team from now on will forever be compared with them.

    To make matters worse, all that losing still didn't land them the No. 1 overall pick in the draft—as that went to the New Orleans Hornets, who selected Anthony Davis.

    On the bright side for the franchise, with the lockout limiting the season to just 66 games, at least they didn't have to play the full 82-game slate—that could have gotten even uglier.

2. 2008 Detroit Lions

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    While we mentioned the city of Cleveland's sports misery, it's impossible not to show some sympathy for Detroit fans too.

    On top of the futility of the '03 Tigers losing 119 games, their Lions went an absolutely shocking 0-16, becoming the only NFL team to lose all their games in a single season.

1. 2012-13 Grambling State Basketball

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    After examining each of the previous laughably pathetic teams, you might be wondering why the Grambling State men's team lands as our No. 1.

    We'll just let you take a look at their schedule from this past season and realize that every single game they played ended with a "L"—finishing 0-28.

    Yes, the aforementioned New Jersey Institute of Technology lost more games in 2008, but the Tigers' losses came against the worst conference in college hoops, making fans laugh at how bad they really were.