Oakland A's: Odds That Each 25-Man Roster Player Will Stay for 2014

Nick HouserCorrespondent IIApril 11, 2013

Will Brett Anderson be the Opening Day starter in 2014?
Will Brett Anderson be the Opening Day starter in 2014?Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland A's have a young and talented roster built for years of success - if they stick around.

A's management - specifically the one played by Brad Pitt in movies - is not one to shy away from trades. Fans should be used to seeing their favorites get shipped out (see Hudson, Tim) or big-name free agents leave for more money (seemingly all of the 2001 free agents).

But fear not A's fans. Youth and affordability, mixed with talent, are the keys to what will keep the majority of this team together in 2014.

Unless this team does poorly enough to invoke a trade deadline fire sale, Oakland is in great shape to be contenders for years to come.

So who's definitely staying? Who's on the fence, and who has a slim chance of a 2014 return?


Very Likely Staying

The list: Josh Donaldson, Yoenis Cespedes, Josh Reddick, Derek Norris, Jarrod Parker, A.J. Griffin, Sean Doolittle, Tommy Milone, Ryan Cook, Evan Scribner

Cespedes is the face of the franchise, the most talented player on the team and he's young. If it becomes clear the team will not be able to compete in 2014 or '15, Cespedes becomes a hot trade commodity. Though, it doesn't look like competing will be an issue if the roster is kept in tact.

A similar case can be made for Reddick, Parker, Milone, Cook and Griffin. Each of them are even younger and more affordable. Reddick is arbitration eligible, and it would be foolish of the A's not to at least try to sign him to an extension.

Milone, Parker and Griffin are locked up for cheap through a few years.

Likewise, Cook, Norris, Doolittle and Scribner are young and locked up through this year and next. These four each make around $500,000, so they're even easier to keep around than assets like Cespedes.


Probably Staying

The list: Brandon Moss, Eric Sogard, Jed Lowrie, Scott Sizemore, Pat Neshek, Jerry Blevins, Brett Anderson

On the one hand, Anderson will be 26 years old in 2014 and has tons of talent when healthy. The con is that his option will cost Oakland $8 million, a number the A's might not feel comfortable with.

If he's healthy and does well in 2013, he should be back.

Jed Lowrie is an interesting case. He's arbitration eligible, and if he continues to perform well throughout the year, he'll command quite a bit of money. Still, the A's haven't had a shortstop of this caliber in a few years. That, and the next best thing (Addison Russell perhaps) might need one more year in the minors.

Sizemore makes $500,000 this year and is arbitration eligible at the end of this season.


Probably Not Staying

John Jaso, Coco Crisp, Seth Smith, Nate Freiman, Chris Resop, Grant Balfour,

Very Unlikely Staying

Chris Young, Bartolo Colon,