WWE SmackDown Spoilers: Complete Results and Analysis for February 22

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WWE SmackDown Spoilers: Complete Results and Analysis for February 22
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Friday night's WWE SmackDown was taped live on Tuesday night from Biloxi, Miss., and if you're interested in what goes down in the first post-Elimination Chamber Friday show, then we've got you covered.

If not, cover your eyes. 

Ricardo Rodriguez and World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio got things started off with a promo about how bad Jack Swagger's attitude is, but Randy Orton soon interrupted. 

Orton made it clear that he is also not a fan of Swagger, and that he was robbed at Elimination Chamber and wants a match.

His wish was Booker T's command, who scheduled both that and Wade Barrett vs. Del Rio later in the night. 

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Sheamus Defeats Damien Sandow

Coming off a second-straight loss to The Shield, Sheamus was able to land the Brogue Kick for the win after a fairly long match that featured offense from both sides. 

The WWE doesn't seem to know what to do with Sandow, who rejoined with Cody Rhodes at Elimination Chamber after mutually dissolving only to lose to Brodus Clay and Tensai. On Monday, he attacked Kofi Kingston, and his mini feud with Sheamus doesn't seem to be going anywhere exciting. 

Kaitlyn and Layla Defeat Tamina and Aksana

Fresh off her Elimination Chamber title defense against Tamina, Kaitlyn teamed up with Layla and was able to get the pin on Aksana after hitting her with a spear. 

Backstage Segment

Photo courtesy of WWE.com

After the match, Zeb Colter, along with Swagger, had some intense words with Barrett. 

Jack Swagger vs. Randy Orton

This one was a solid, physical match. Swagger unsurprisingly got the victory, but the pin came with his feet on the ropes. 

Promo for Dead Man Down

After the promo, Sheamus was shown backstage making fun of Barrett's acting, while Barrett made fun of Sheamus for losing to The Shield. 

The Miz vs. Cody Rhodes

Photo courtesy of WWE.com

The other half of Team Rhodes Scholars didn't have much better of a night, as The Miz scored the victory when he got Rhodes into the figure-four. 

After the match, we were shown another immigration promo from Swagger and Colter before a glimpse of Fandango. 

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Alberto Del Rio vs. Wade Barrett

With Swagger and Colter watching from the stage, Barrett controlled for most of the match, but fell victim to submission when Del Rio locked in the cross armbreaker

Afterwards, Del Rio and Swagger had a nice, long staredown as the show came to an end. 

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