Ranking Carmelo Anthony's Best Games of the Season so Far

Mathias Ask@@MathiasAskCorrespondent IIFebruary 19, 2013

Ranking Carmelo Anthony's Best Games of the Season so Far

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    If it weren’t for a certain LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony would be a clear MVP candidate.

    The Knicks' star player is putting up his best numbers in years, averaging 28.6 PPG, 2.7 APG, 6.5 RPG.

    He is shooting 40.5 percent from behind the arc, a solid jump from the 33.5 percent he was averaging last year.

    Melo seems more comfortably in his third season in New York, and it’s in large part due to his work that the Knicks are in second place in the Eastern Conference.

    Last month, Anthony broke the team record for most consecutive games with 20-plus points.

    There has been no shortage of incredible performances from the forward this season.

    Here are his five best so far, and Knicks fans can be sure that there will be more to come from Anthony.

40 Points, 6 Assists, 6 Rebounds at the Orlando Magic

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    The Knicks were down by eight points to start the fourth quarter, but unfortunately for the Magic, that’s when Anthony took over the game.

    He had 16 of his 40 points in the fourth quarter, and scored the final point of the night to make the score 116-104.

    With six minutes left to play, Melo set up Chandler for an easy shot that tied the game at 97. With only 44 seconds remaining, Anthony drained a jump shot to put the game out of reach for Orlando.

    He was 14-of-29 from the field and 4-of-9 from three-point range.

35 Points, 1 Assist, 13 Rebounds at the Brooklyn Nets

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    The first game between the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets was an overtime classic.

    Although Melo was not able to squeeze out a win for the Knicks, he still left his mark on the game.

    Anthony led his team in scoring, 35 points, and rebounds, 13, while logging 50 minutes on the court.

    Aside from a monster performance from Tyson Chandler, 28 points and 10 rebounds, Melo received little help from his teammates. No other Knicks player reached double digits in the points column.

    Melo’s shooting could have been better, he went 11-of-25, but he was solid from the three-point line, going 3-of-5.

    Losing the game in overtime was a huge disappointment for the Knicks, who were looking to take the Nets down a few notches.

    However, Melo would get his revenge later in the season.

42 Points, 1 Assist, 8 Rebounds vs. the Los Angeles Clippers

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    If Melo had received some more support from his teammates in the fourth quarter, this could have been a game for the ages.

    Anthony had 38 points through the third quarter with the Knicks down 71-70.

    But then both Knicks and Melo cooled off, and he finished with 42 points in a 102-88 loss.

    However, Anthony was still phenomenal in this game. He finished 14-of-26 from the field and 5-of-11 from behind the arc.

    In the third quarter alone, Anthony had 18 points and even put the Knicks ahead for a while.

    Fouling Melo turned out to be a bad idea for the Clippers, as Anthony was a perfect 9-of-9 from the line.

42 Points, 1 Assist, 5 Rebounds vs. the Atlanta Hawks

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    Melo started off slow in this game with only one field goal in the first quarter.

    However, he was just warming up to what was to become a fantastic night from behind the arc.

    Anthony was 9-of-12 from three-point range, which was just one short of how many the entire Hawks team made.

    With less than 20 seconds to spare the Knicks were down by one, and the entire Garden was counting on Melo. He did not disappoint—making the lay-up while drawing the foul.

    The three-point play put the Knicks up 106-104, which became the final score after the Hawks failed to score on the final possession of the game. 

1. 45 Points, 3 Assists, 5 Rebounds at the Brooklyn Nets

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    After losing the first game since the teams started sharing New York City, Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks came back to Brooklyn looking for revenge.

    Melo exploded for 45 points, his season high, and shot with incredible efficiency. He was 15-of-24 from the field, his second highest field goal percentage this season, and 5-of-7 from three-point range.

    However, the stats don’t tell the full story of how Anthony’s leadership skills shone through in this game.

    The Knicks were down by double digits for huge chunks of the game, but Melo refused to let the Nets run away with the win.

    He scored 15 points in the fourth quarter and put the Knicks ahead 97-95 with 1:28 to go.

    Although it was Jason Kidd who made the final basket of the game, everyone knows it was Melo who won the game for the Knicks.