WWE News: El Generico Makes NXT Debut (Pic Included)

Gone Baby GoneContributerFebruary 13, 2013

Courtesy Slam.Canoe.CA
Courtesy Slam.Canoe.CA

After a long courting process, followed by a quick signing, El Generico has finally arrived in the WWE.

Well, technically it was for the company's developmental territory NXT. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

According to Wrestling-News.net:

Recently signed independent standout El Generico (under the same name) made his WWE developmental debut at tonight’s WWE NXT live event in Orlando, Florida. Generico accompanied Brodus Clay, who took on Conor O’Brian at the event.

Ultimately, I am glad to hear that he has finally had some sort of presence on NXT. However, I am a bit surprised that he debuted as a corner man for "The Funkasaurus". Let's face it, Generico and Clay have about as much in common as Clay's current tag-partner Tensai. That being said, we can only hope that the WWE doesn't turn Generico into a sideshow dancing act.

Yes, Generico has his own shtick, but it's a unique brand of entertainment that should be mentioned in the same breath as a veteran who has established himself as a goofball.

I am also a bit torn on him keeping his ring name. Don't get me wrong, I think that changing the name of an established star is a terrible idea, but keeping the name may cause may harm to altering it. In case you were unaware, the WWE loves to trademark talent names, which ultimately affects the talent adversely in the long run.

The fact is fans would be more apt to check out an Indy show featuring a newly released CM Punk, rather than going to a show featuring Phillip Brooks, his real name. The take-away here is that Generico hasn't yet lost the rights to his ring name and hopefully the name sticks.

In the end, I guess time will tell what the WWE has in store for Generico. Keep in mind that Generico's WWE tenure is still in its infancy, so anything is possible.