WWE's Dolph Ziggler as a 2-Time No. 1 Contender Could Be Fun

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistJanuary 14, 2013

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

Imagine a world where a villain—say, Dolph Ziggler—had all the advantages. A power-lifting hoss. An intrusive girlfriend. And if those things weren't enough, what if he owned a golden opportunity to win a World title at a moment's notice? 

Wouldn't these mounting adversities for the good guys make for more compelling storytelling? Of course, because that's the exact scenario in the WWE landscape now. 

But imagine if just one more advantage was added to this heel cabinet—Dolph Ziggler, the up-and-coming antagonist who seems to have it all, becoming the first-ever two-time No. 1 contender. 

The deck would be stacked quite high against preteen favorites like John Cena and Sheamus. So high, in fact, that stopping Ziggler may become a priority met with something other than a constant smirk.

Dolph Ziggler's current position as a top heel in the catbird seat has limited his odds of winning the Royal Rumble. "What sense would it make for a current Money in the Bank holder to win the Royal Rumble?" said the well-informed wrestling fan. 

But the bold move to have Ziggler win the Royal Rumble in an upset could tell a great story. 

It could be a story of unfair advantages and cheap victories. Ziggler could successfully cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase on the same night he loses a World title match he earned from winning the Royal Rumble. 

The familiar tale of pride coming before the fall could be told. Ziggler could stand atop the wrestling world only to get caught up in his show-off mannerisms and go 0-for-2 in World title opportunities. 

The most unlikely scenario would see Dolph capturing both the World title and WWE title, thus justifying a journey to glory that seems like it should have been completed by now. But imagine the storytelling potential that would have. 

Dolph Ziggler is clearly being positioned to carry a major championship. He aligned himself with top diva AJ Lee after she turned on John Cena at WWE TLC. Then Big E Langston was brought into the fold the following night to attack Cena at AJ's beckoning. Ziggler is now leading a stable with briefcase in tow. His reign as World champion is all but a formality. 

Few stables can be taken seriously without some measure of power—3MB can attest to that. The stable is billed as a Freebird-like tag team. Their lack of TV victories, however, has relegated them to fodder for a budding battle of one-upmanship between Sheamus and Randy Orton.

For Ziggler and his brass to matter, he needs to be decorated in victory. 

A World championship may not be in his direct future. Alberto Del Rio recently defeated Big Show for the World title, and it is customary in WWE for the champion to have a (storyline) rematch clause in their contract. Sheamus' impressive win total in 2012 will also warrant some consideration in the World title picture. 

To keep Ziggler interesting as a potentially threatening villain, an unlikely Royal Rumble win could be up his alley.