WWE's Dolph Ziggler: Isn't He Getting a Little Too Old to Steal the Show?

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistOctober 15, 2012

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

The new Dolph Ziggler t-shirts came out; have you seen them?  They're quite colorful and flamboyant, and one should expect nothing less from one of the WWE's flashiest heels. 

Ziggler's self-aggrandizing battle cries in promos and merchandise have helped brand the current Money in the Bank winner as a show off, looking to stand out from the rest of the locker room through a fluent, finesse offense that is nothing short of a one-man athletic spectacle. 

So what's the so-called ad campaign for Ziggler's t-shirts? 

Stealing the Show...and your girlfriend. 


Ziggler's new tagline, while wonderfully heelish, doesn't scream "show off" as much as it does "minor league."  And while stealing the show should be the mission statement of all hungry, young WWE superstars looking to overachieve, with as much grooming and posturing as Ziggler has received to be the next great heel, stealing the show should be but an afterthought as the 32-year-old star continues his inevitable journey to the World Heavyweight Championship. 

To simply want to steal the show seems beneath Dolph Ziggler.  If he's the can't-miss super-athlete whose potential we've been hearing about for years, Ziggler should be concerned about being the whole freaking show rather than a hungry upstart looking to steal it.

He's one ill-advised t-shirt away from officially getting by on untapped talent.  After spending eight years under the WWE umbrella, Ziggler has to do better. 

On the precipice of getting the proverbial ball on SmackDown, I don't want my world champion using a one-size-fits-all, buzz-filled slogan.  

We already know Dolph Ziggler is capable of stealing the show.  But the more he carries on wearing a weekly reminder of this capability, the more some people will wonder why he hasn't stolen more than just the show.