Indianapolis Colts: Players Who Deserve Consideration for Pro Bowl

Tyler Brooke@TylerDBrookeSenior Analyst IIDecember 15, 2012

Indianapolis Colts: Players Who Deserve Consideration for Pro Bowl

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    Despite injuries, drama and a complete renovation of the front office and coaching staff, the Indianapolis Colts have found a way to completely turn it around this year. 

    At 9-4, the Colts are on the verge of clinching a playoff berth.  Despite the outcome against the Houston Texans, the Colts will likely clinch on Sunday.

    The Colts have managed to play well despite the absence of head coach Chuck Pagano.  The CHUCKSTRONG movement has brought the team—and community—closer together.

    The Colts have had several players contribute big this season, helping them win nine games already.  Here are four players that deserve some consideration for the Pro Bowl.

Pat McAfee

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    Known also as the "Boomstick," Pat McAfee has had a very successful season.  His loyal Twitter following has already called for his selection to the Pro Bowl, but it is time for others to begin considering it as well.

    McAfee has been one of the unspoken pieces to the Colts' success this year.  His ability to pin opponents deep in their own territory has been a big help to a defense that tends to struggle.

    So far this year, McAfee has averaged 48.8 yards per punt, good for fifth-best in the league.  He had arguably his best game of the year against the Tennessee Titans last week, averaging 53.3 yards per punt on four punts.  He had his best punt of the season, getting the ball out of bounds at the 1-yard line.

    McAfee has yet to make a Pro Bowl, but it feels right this year.  While he is not currently in the lead for votes for punters, he can have a chance if he continues to punt like he did last week.

Jerrell Freeman

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    Jerrell Freeman has come out of nowhere this season and is playing as well as any middle linebacker this season.

    Freeman currently has 115 total tackles on the season, good enough to put him at seventh in the NFL.  It seems that he has been in on almost every tackle this year for the Colts.

    The former CFL player has a legitimate case to make the Pro Bowl, especially due to his Week 1 performance.  In his first career game, Freeman was able jump a route against the Bears, intercepting Jay Cutler for a touchdown.

    Freeman will likely not make the Pro Bowl, but he definitely deserves some attention.  After such an impressive year, it appears that a Pro Bowl could very well be in Freeman's future in the next few years.

Reggie Wayne

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    Despite his age, Reggie Wayne is having one of his best years in the NFL.  With his current pace, he could potentially have his best season since 2009.

    Wayne currently has 94 receptions, giving him the fourth most in the NFL.  He is also third in the league with 1,220 receiving yards, behind only Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall.

    Wayne can make a legitimate argument to make the Pro Bowl this year.  While his four touchdowns might hurt his case, he has more yards than anyone else in the AFC.  With four receivers selected for each conference, Wayne has a shot.

Andrew Luck

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    This is not saying that Andrew Luck is the best quarterback in the AFC.  This is not saying that Luck is the second-best quarterback in the AFC.

    This is just saying that Luck should at least be considered for a Pro Bowl selection.

    Luck joined a team that was 2-14 last season, and has helped completely turn the mentality of the team around.  His nine wins are the most by any rookie quarterback selected No. 1 overall, ever.

    With three games left, Luck is quickly approaching Cam Newton's record of 4,051 passing yards.  Luck is currently at 3,792, giving him a pretty good chance to break the record.

    While Luck leads the league in interceptions, he also leads the league in game-winning drives.  His six drives are the most ever by a rookie.  His ability to play well in the clutch has been a blessing for the Colts.

    While Luck's stats may not be the prettiest, his clutch and desire to win should make him a Pro Bowler this season.  Even if he doesn't make the Pro Bowl, he will be in multiple by the end of his career.