20 Things in Sports That Make You Feel Old

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20 Things in Sports That Make You Feel Old
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Sports give us some great moments. They give us athletes and teams that make us forever discuss who's better, or most popular, and they create long-lasting memories. 

Many of us remember those stories we heard from our Dads and Uncles about how dominant Johnny Unitas was for the Colts, or what it was like to sit in the stands at the old Polo Grounds, but as we've gotten older, more and more times we find ourselves telling a younger generation about our favorite moments.

Just because we enjoy the stories doesn't necessarily mean they make us feel good about ourselves. In fact, that some of us can remember seeing Jordan dominate in the early 90s winning titles, rather than his crappy ownership skills, is a little depressing—and I'm only 28!

Since you're not getting any younger, and your favorite athletes growing up are starting to have kids who create their own legacies, here are some things in sports that probably make you feel pretty old.

Hope your eyesight is good enough to read through them all!

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