The Biggest Wastes of Talent in Sports History

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The Biggest Wastes of Talent in Sports History
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

This is not a list any athlete wants to find himself on. Players work as hard as they can to make it to the big-time, get those dollar-dollar bills, and retire with a ton of success, wealth and fame. Problem is, rarely does it actually happen.

We all know about draft busts, but there's a major difference between someone who didn't succeed because he was injured and another because of pure laziness. There's nothing worse in sports than seeing someone with all the talent in the world waste it for whatever reason, but it happens way too frequently.

So to all future pro athletes out there, if you want to avoid the prestigious honor of becoming a waste of talent, once you get into the show, make sure you stay there. These guys had to learn the hard way that with the riches come the spoils.

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