DeAngelo Hall to the Raiders: Al Davis Has Done It Again

Sean StancillSenior Writer IMarch 17, 2008

After hearing about Oakland signing Tommy Kelly to a five-year, $70 million deal, about Warren Sapp's retirement, and about Randy Moss' re-signing with the Patriots, I became discouraged about the Raiders' upcoming season.

But since the big Javon Walker signing and another new development, I have regained hope. 

It was reported that the Atlanta Falcons are trading Deangelo Hall to the Oakland Raiders for their second round and sixth round draft picks.

When I found out, I became excited again for my hometown and its team. Then I thought, who I should thank, who's the mastermind? Let me think.

Not Lane Kiffin, he doesn't have that kind of power. Not defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, I'm sure he's also leaping into the Bay and probably whispered a little something in the owner's ear.

So that left me with who else but the often imitated, never duplicated, legendary owner Al Davis.

Al has demanded this trade happen and wants Hall to regularly walk in their Alameda facilities.

Deangelo Hall has fallen out of good graces with the Atlanta Falcons organization after public disputes on the bench with Bobby Petrino all year long in Atlanta, ranting and raving, shouting choice words to the defensive coaching staff.

In the wake of the trade, Hall traveled to Oakland to meet with head coach Lane Kiffin and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

Can you imagine the tandem of Deangelo Hall and Nnamdi Asomugha at corner?

They would instantly become the best on-two punch at corner in the league. They would join Asante Samuel and Sheldon Brown in Philadelphia, Champ Bailey and Dre' Bly up in Denver, Charles Tillman and Nathan Vasher in the Windy City, and Charles Woodson and Al Harris in Green Bay.

The two-time Pro Bowler will thrive in Oaktown and adapt to the AFC nicely, supported by the Black Hole, the Oakland Raiders, and Raiders fans everywhere.

The only problem, however, is Nnamdi. He's under contract with Oakland for one more season, but with Hall getting big money from the Raiders will he ask for the same?

If he does, Oakland may not be able to give it to him and he may walk away and leave Deangelo all alone.

The Raiders placed the franchise tag on Asomugha at the beginning of the offseason. Definitely a good move for Oakland as they get to keep the No. 4 overall pick in the draft.

This won't be the first time Davis has brought over a player who's worn out his welcome with his previous team. There were Bill Romanowski, Randy Moss, and many others.

With Javon Walker signed on the offensive side and Gibril Wilson on the defensive side, the Raiders look to be possibly the top team in the AFC West.

(Sorry, San Diego.)