NFL Decides Greg Schiano Did Nothing Wrong on 'Kneel-Gate' Play

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer ISeptember 17, 2012

We're not going to put our two cents in on this one; we're going to let the NFL handle the nonsense that arose out of the final play of Sunday's game between the Giants and the Buccaneers.

The league has decided that Greg Schiano has done nothing wrong.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin will, of course, beg to differ. You could see that at the end of the game when he verbally attacked Schiano for not telling his players to stop playing when the Giants were taking the last few seconds off the clock with a kneel down play. What Coughlin said involved a lot of the word with the initials "BS." It was that easy to read his lips on the replay of the "meeting" between the two coaches after the Giants pulled out the 41-34 win.

The league isn't doing anything about this and, basically, has reiterated that kneel downs are live plays, just like all plays before them.

Football is a contact sport and, basically, it's a lot like the the instructions a referee gives to the combatants in a boxing match: "Protect yourself at all times."

Coughlin seemed to feel that the Bucs defense pounding into his offensive linemen was a low blow of sorts, maybe akin to boxing, but the league says no-so.

After all, it is a football field.

Our biggest problem with last year's Buccaneers team is that we often thought the team had given up in the third quarter. If you want a change in attitude, then change the attitude, and that's what Schiano has done.

A bunch of New York writers have been all over this. It's basically what they do; they gorge themselves on the buffet of controversy.

But we'll leave you with some high-profile "experts" who were in support of Schiano's "aggressive" game-ending play.

One guy was Mike Ditka, and what would you expect from a guy named nicknamed Iron Mike?

"You've got pads and a helmet on. The game's not over, play!" Ditka said on an ESPN radio show with the excerpt written by ESPN blogger Pat Yasinskas.

Yasinskas also got the reaction from analyst Ron Jaworski: "There's no doubt Tom Coughlin owes Greg Schiano an apology for how he reacted after the game. You play to the end of the game," Jaws said.

Don't think Schiano will get that "apology" that Jaws talked about.

But it is probably time to put this controversy to bed, time to move on.

The league has spoken, Ditka has spoken and Jaws has spoken.

Now what happened to those Cowboys out in Seattle?


Greg Schiano has "no remorse or regret...":