Fantasy Football 2012: Which Jets Are Worth Drafting?

Adam Waksman@@AdamWaksmanCorrespondent IIIAugust 21, 2012

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - DECEMBER 24:  Santonio Holmes #10 of the New York Jets runs after a catch during a game against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium on December 24, 2011 in East Rutherford. New Jersey. The Giants won 29 - 14. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
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The New York Jets have not been fantasy football dreams come true in recent years. They play low scoring games and do not put up monster numbers.

However, there are some players to watch for if they drop to the later rounds of the draft. There is also some fool's gold on the team that needs to be avoided.

Here are the good and the bad. 

Players worth drafting

Santonio Holmes

The Jets' No. 1 wide receiver received a lot of criticism this offseason—more than he deserved. While he made some critical mistakes last season, he clearly remains the Jets No. 1 option and a top 30 fantasy receiver.

If Holmes is still around in the mid-to-late rounds of your draft, and you only have one or two wide receivers, you should pick him up. He is a viable option as a second wide receiver and a strong option as a third wide receiver on a fantasy team.

Stephen Hill

This rookie wide receiver—drafted in the second round—is a borderline case. He is already the de facto No. 2 wide receiver on the Jets. He is their biggest, fastest, tallest wide receiver and the one most capable of catching deep balls.

Mark Sanchez will be looking for him when he needs big plays. Hill will be somewhat of a sleeper this year, and it may be possible to get him at the very end of the draft. If he does slip that far, he is worth drafting as a third or fourth wide receiver. He may also be available as a free agent.

However, a big start in Week 1 has the potential to remove him quickly from free agency is many fantasy leagues.

Players to shy away from

Dustin Keller

The Jets' pass-catching tight-end is likely to be their most popular fantasy player. However, Tony Sparano's system does not highlight pass-catching tight-ends. Sparano has made a push to get blocking tight-ends more involved, and Keller is very weak as a blocker.

While Keller hopes to blossom into a Pro Bowler this year, there is a good chance this will turn out to be a down year for him. Keller is still a good option as a backup tight end, but he should be picked up as a free agent, not drafted.

Mark Sanchez

Last year he had a few good fantasy performances. However, a lot of his points came from his increased touchdown production. Sanchez and the Jets were the best in the NFL at scoring inside the red zone.

This was an aberration for Sanchez and might not be reproduced. More importantly, Tim Tebow is likely to leech some goal line touchdowns away from Sanchez, hurting his production. Sanchez is still a possible backup quarterback. However, he will most likely be available as a free agent after the draft, so don't waste the pick.

Defense and special teams

The Jets' defense looks to be even better than last year and has added some talented new players. However, the Jets' defense suffers in standard leagues from the fact that all points-against count.

The New York offense gives up a lot of points off turnovers. They also set up opposing offenses for a lot of field goals. Even in games where the defense plays great, they often score poorly in fantasy. Their defense is still top 10 for fantasy, but it is not worth drafting.

Tim Tebow

Whether your league counts Tebow as a running back or not, he is not worth a spot on your team in any position. Some people will be tempted to draft him in the hope that he will do something amazing this year.

The fact is that he is very unlikely to get starts this year and will not be a primary work horse in the running game. Moreover, even during his hot stretch last year, he did not score a lot of fantasy points. Even if he does by some miracle end up starting, you still do not want him on your fantasy team.

Shonn Greene

Greene has talent as a downhill running back and can be tempting as a second or third option on a fantasy team. Drafters would do well to shy away from him this year. He is going to be splitting carries with Joe McKnight, Bilal Powell, Tim Tebow and possibly more backs off the bench.

You may think "ground and pound" when you think New York Jets. However, Greene will not be getting more than about half of the carries and is unlikely to score many touchdowns. Overall, Greene is barely top 40 as a fantasy running back.


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